Lucy Reeve, ND

The Equi Institute


Categories:   Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Feminizing Hormones, HIV / STI Services, Internal Medicine, Masculinizing Hormones, Naturopath, Nutrition, Primary Care, Reproductive Health
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes


I do naturopathic primary care, specializing in working with the queer and trans* communities and I would love to help you with whatever you need.

Services I offer include:

- Gender affirming hormone therapy

- Sex positive STI testing

- Weight neutral nutrition counseling

- Counseling and stress reduction techniques

- Pelvic rehabilitation therapy for all bodies

- Individualized botanical/herbal medicine

- All the normal primary care things: preventative medicine, laboratory testing, physical exams, screening, and prescriptions.

  Populations Served

Adults, Bisexual, FTMs / Trans Men, Gay, Health at Every Size, ...

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