Stacie Wolfe, ND

Vitality NW


Categories:   Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Endocrinology, Feminizing Hormones, HIV / STI Services, Internal Medicine, Masculinizing Hormones, Naturopath, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Primary Care, Reproductive Health
  • Informed Consent / ICATH Provider   Yes


I provide holistic primary care services to folks of all identities and orientations. I hold firm to the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect by their medical providers, and that we are each the sole expert in our lives and experiences. As such, it is incredibly important that my patients have a say in their care from day one.

My services include primary care, mental health care, trauma-informed gynecology, transgender hormone management, and minor surgical procedures. As a former social service worker, I also offer assistance in navigating and accessing community services. I offer care to TGIQ youth over the age of 10 years of age, with hormone therapy being offered to those age 15 and above. For those under the age of 15, I work with them to find care with trained endocrinologists.

  Populations Served

  • FTMs / Trans Men
  • MTFs / Trans Women
  • Youth (ages 11-24)

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