PJ Desrochers, LMFT


Categories:   Adolescent Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Sex Therapy


I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in state of Vermont who has been practicing therapy in private practice for the past eleven years. I truly love working in therapeutic relationship with people of all ages, abilities, economic status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender expression, and cultural backgrounds. I believe in partnering with you to attune, tend to, and accept all aspects of who you are, how you live, and then some.

If you choose to become a partner in therapy, we will learn about you. Through the process of therapeutic dialogue, we will come to understand how you want to feel, your areas of strength and challenge, healing and recovery, adaptability and acceptance.

I individualize therapeutic techniques and treatment methods to meet the unique and varied needs of each couple, youth, family, or person who participates in therapy. I deeply enjoy my work with couples, families, individuals and youth.

  Populations Served

Adults, Bisexual, Children (under 18), FTMs / Trans Men, Gay, ...

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