Richard Pratt, PhD


Categories:   Family Therapy, Individual Therapy


Clients come to me with a variety of problems of living. This may include Depression, Anxiety, loss of a relationship or loved one, or work stress. I try to help them bring intelligence to their emotions, and I make myself available to them, to walk them through their difficult periods. I believe that every problem has a solution, and all problems teach us valuable lessons for living skillfully. I can accept most insurances. I no longer Deal with Child Custody Cases. The Present is more powerful than the past or the Future.
Its no secret that life is difficult, but with skillful management, life can be lived with a great deal of happiness. Stress management is very easy to learn, but takes practice. I provide a myriad of techniques to bring you through your issues. I do not accept child custody cases.

There are times when it is necessary to change our view, and central Self-Focus. Creating a world view and persona that is successful and skillful is one of the things I enjoy doing. In addition, I have in depth training in Meditation. I have been in a Zendo and taught by Hindu, Sikh Masters.

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