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BAART Turk offers comprehensive behavioral and primary health treatment services all in one convenient location. The medication-assisted treatment program for opioid dependence offers methadone and buprenorphine maintenance and detox options. BAART Turk also provides a number of other programs including the Family Addiction Center for Education and Treatment offering services specific to pregnant and 2-year post-partum parents struggling with opioid dependence; as well as treatment services for moderate to severe mental health conditions through the Turk St. Mental Health Clinic. Mental Health services can include medication assessments/ prescribing and/or mental health counseling services depending on the patients’ needs. Additionally, the Community Clinic at BAART Turk St. offers primary care medical treatment services. Individuals are welcome to access any single treatment service or enroll in all of the services as needed.

BAART Community HealthCare’s (BCH) Mental Health Program is an outpatient mental health clinic located at BAART Turk. This program accepts Medi-Cal and some types of Medi-Care. BCH’s Mental Health Program offers individual and couples psychotherapy and medication services including assessment, prescription and monitoring. The program is staffed with a professional, experienced team of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric RN’s, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, and CAPIC pre-doctoral intern-therapists.

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