Can You Be Resting 2 Days in a Row Bodybuilding?

After long exercises, there’s a chance for the body’s metabolic system to become stressed. To avoid this, completely resting for 3-7 days is highly recommended. 

But will it be okay for resting 2 days in a row bodybuilding?

Yes, it’ll be okay and enough to rest for 2days in row bodybuilding. Because workout requires a lot of strength and huge pressure falls on your body. After such a long time of extensive exercise 2days of resting is enough. This short period per week is enough to regenerate the muscles perfectly. 

Yet again, is 2 days of rest an ideal break from exercise? This article elaborately discusses the standard resting days and hours for rowers. Hopefully, you’ll get all your answers.

So, let’s get started!

Is It Okay Resting 2 Days In A Row Bodybuilding?

Yes, it is okay resting 2 days in a row building. Rowing activates the muscle mass twice, known as a full-body workout. 

A single rowing stroke engages many of  your body partsand joints together. Like the hamstrings, quads, core, arms, glutes, and back muscles.

For further information, a ten minutes of steady rowing is equal to 200 strokes of work. So know the heat! 

All these will eventually help better blood flow and make you sweat enough. But the alluring part you’d find is, the time duration.

The workout could be for 10-15 minutes or sometimes 20-30 minutes. If you wish to go long 45 minutes could be the approaching limit.

Taking 2 days off in row bodybuilding is enough.

What Are The Complete Steps To Rows?

Basically, the row has many ways to practice. That includes a dumbbell, barbell, cable, machine, or suspension trainer. But every way will follow some specific techniques that make row bodybuilding easy or less stressful.

The techniques are simple and are mentioned here-

  • Try maintaining a stable spinal position with a standard curve throughout each rep.
  • Pinch the shoulder blades together every time you take concentric rep. Do it at the end. Then allow your shoulder blades to protract or spread at the end of each concentric rep.
  • Don’t let the front of your shoulders round forward at each repetition’s full row position. In other words, a good row is measured by how far the shoulder extends. Not really on how far the elbow extends.
  • Exhibit deliberate control past range of motion. Concentrate on muscle working in each exercise. Also, maintain strict form with different movements or momentum.

Among the row bodybuilding exercises, bent over barbell row bodybuilding is highly appreciated. This is also a simple exercise done in the following ways-

  • Hold the barbell with a pronated grip, slightly bend the knees and bring the torso forward. While doing that, slightly bend the waist keeping the back straight. Continue the activity until it’s parallel to the floor.
  • Then, keep the torso stationary. Lift the barbell before you breathe out. Hold the weight using the forearms while the elbows are closer to the body. While at the contracted position, squeeze the back muscle and stand for a brief moment.
  • Then breathe in and slowly keep the barbell down.
  • Repeat the required repetitions.

All these surely prove row bodybuilding isn’t as tough as it sounds. But your full body surely functions altogether.

Are 2 Days Of Rest Enough After The Rowing Workout?

Well, yes, 2 days’ rest is enough after the rowing workout. Because this exercise provides rest to the body at the time of exercising. 

Rowing workouts are well organized. There’re rowing machine workouts that are based on time management. According to your flexibility, you’re allowed to work out. 

No matter how much time you’re working out, you are highly recommended to take a rest. Even for a minute or two.

Therefore, row bodybuilding does not extremely exhaust you. So, 2 days of rest is enough for a rowing workout.

Is It Okay Resting 2 Days In A Row Bodybuilding
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In What Emergencies Should You Stop Working Out And Rest? 

Exercising is important. But holding on to the workout for some specific emergencies is imperative. Some troubles could be

  1. Stressed: It’s the trait of stress to take a toll both mentally and physically. Though exercise is a stress reliever, the situation can be different sometimes.

When you exercise, you are attempting to raise your heart rate. This places additional strain on the body and boosts your overall stress level.

This can aggravate symptoms in some people. Especially if working out is another stressful thing you add to a hectic day.

  1. Sleep Deprived: Many people still do not prioritize sleep, which itself a red flag. Because without enough sleep going to a gym wouldn’t be the best choice. 

When you’re sleep deprived, your body doesn’t function as well as it could. Exercising with an exhausted body increases the risk of injury.

So, the best thing you can do while you’re exhausted is to rest well. Start exercising the next day.

  1. You’re feeling under the weather: When you’re both physically and mentally exhausted, the gym won’t be the best place for you. 

One general rule is that they should exercise if the pain comes from above the neck. Skipping the gym is good if the pain is below the neck. 

The only exception is fever. You should avoid exercise if you have a fever. Workout, when you’re dehydrated, will be less beneficial.

  1. You are sore: You may sometimes need to rest after a particularly strenuous workout. Or the next day you may wake up with extreme soreness or muscle fatigue.

The soreness is caused due to repairing muscular threads for future growth. Rest is mandatory in this case to repair any damage. Even if, a minor injury.

  1. Just checked off a physical activity: If you’ve just finished a race or another strenuous physical activity, celebrate! 

When calculating recovery time, it’s always a good idea to consider how far you’ve pushed yourself. The more strain you put on during the workout, the longer you’d allow yourself to recover.

You may again face such situationsaian. Learn to measure the position and act accordingly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Not Resting After A Row Bodybuilding?

Exercise is taxing on both the body and the mind. Exercising spontaneously without a day off leads to extreme physical and mental exhaustion.

According to ACE, failing to allow the body to rest can result in muscle glycogen depletion. This depletion may cause the body to use proteins for energy. And will result in less protein available for muscle repair and growth.

The vital structures don’t get enough time to repair if you avoid rest days. During training, people may become mentally exhausted and more prone to making mistakes. Physical exhaustion, in addition to it, will lead to injury.

Yet again, accidents happen. For pain relief, some supplements work effectively. Two of them are mentioned here:

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ARCTIC BLASTThis supplement can provide pain relief
TRP SOOTHEThis is a pain relief supplement 


Hope these supplements will help you reduce pain and make 2 days enough for resting.

What Measures Should Be Taken To Avoid Injuries?

Indeed rest is the forever solution to avoid injuries! Intense pain, swelling, or inflammation are the common injuries a person may face while working out. 

These injuries may result in serious issues in the future if proper treatment is not done. But as the saying goes, “precaution is better than cure.” 

So, let’s look for measures to avoid injuries and a; so, avoid injuries from spreading.

  • Rest: Take rest for 2 days after rowing to avoid any injury. If you’re already injured, still rest, so the injured place doesn’t get deep or spread.
  • Apply ice: If you ever get an external injury unlike some nerve issues, immediately apply ice. This helps stop swelling and eradicate pain.
  • Compression: Using a compression bandage helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the affected area.
  • Elevation: Upraising the overworked body part above the heart level may reduce blood flow to the area. This helps to reduce swelling.

Injuries are a part of the exercise, but that never should be the reason to stop. Even after these precautions, if you face injuries or extreme side effects, consult your doctor.


Is 2 Days Enough Rest Too Much?

Not too much, but enough. According to experts, people in good shape who exercise regularly should take 48-72hours of rest days. You should fix two to three days per week for resting and active recovery.

Are Dumbbell Upright Rows Good?

Yes, dumbbell upright rows are good. Dumbbell upright rows help to develop upper-body strength. It targets muscles such as your deltoids, trapezius, and triceps. It helps to perform other compound exercises that include deadlifts, bench presses, and pull-ups.

Is 4 Rest Days In A Row Too Much?

This entirely depends on the workout intensity. After doing 3 high-intensity sessions, 4 rest days in a row isn’t too much. Again, if you’re active, you can perform light exercises like yoga or little swimming. That’ll undoubtedly boost your physical activity.


Here I wrap up the discussion regarding resting 2 days in a row bodybuilding. Hopefully, you now know that it’s enough to rest for two consecutive days after rowing.

Row bodybuilding has dumbbells, barbells, and also machine-based exercises. You have the liberty to choose your workout time which makes you less exhausted.

Either way, hope you got an answer to all your queries. Let me know your thoughts through commenting below.


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