Sml-2 Vs Sml-2c: Know The Differences!

For seasoned lifters who wish to rack the high weight. Also limiting their equipment profile, squat stands are a great alternative.

You also love to do lifting and heavy workouts. The issue, though, is that you don’t know which squat stand is best for you.

Let’s go through the sml-2 vs sml-2c and its differences.

There are no key differences in sml-2 vs sml-2c. Despite the fact that their appearances are practically identical. The sole distinction is that the sml-2 is only offered in matte black. However, Sml-2c is offered in a range of hues. When it comes to price sml-2c is a bit expensive than sml-2.

A clear picture of these two can be obtained by looking at the comparison table below. Read the article to the end to more about sml-2 and sml-2c.

Quick Comparison: Sml-2 Vs Sml-2c

FeaturesSml-2 Sml-2c
Rack type Squat standSquat Stand
Tube size3×3 11-Gauge Steel3×3 11-Gauge Steel
Hole size 5/8″5/8″
Hole spacing Westside (1″ ) through bench zone. 2″ above and belowWestside (1″ ) through bench zone. 2″ above and below
Height 92″92″
Footprint48″ Deep/49″ Wide48″ Deep/49″ Wide
Numbered upright NoOptional

From the quick comparison box you can clearly see that these two have no major differences. But I’m going to explain all of its features one by one in detail. 

You will be benefitted if you go through the article till the end. Even you’ll have a hard time finding differences between rogue hg and echo.

Head to Head Comparison: Sml-2 Vs Sml-2c

One of Rogue’s most well-liked squat stands is the SML-2 model. There are many wonderful things about this rack. It was constructed with 33 11-gauge steel uprights, 5/8′′ holes, with Westside spacing.

SML-2 rack is different from SML-2C. because it is not compatible with additional laser-cut numbering on the uprights or different color schemes. Otherwise, it’s the identical stand but a little less expensive.

Steel Size

The Rogue Monster Lite portfolio includes the SML-2 and SML-2C Squat Stand. Both of them are made of 11-gauge, 3-by-3-inch steel, and is put together using bolts. 33 steel is well-liked for its durability, ability to accept attachments, and overall appearance.

Flat Foot Design

One of the key benefits of a squat stand is that it doesn’t require any ground anchors. Because of its flat foot shape. Both racks are kept firmly attached to the floor by their U-shaped base.

Reracking your bar after heavy sets may cause the rack to move significantly. This is typical for a squat stand; the stand’s overall stability is strong and secure. 

S-Base Mounting Feet are available for separate purchase. For stability, you might wish to mount this to the ground or a platform.

Hole And Hardware Sizing

One of the most popular hardware sizes for power racks is 5/8′′. In this rack, the size is used. The majority of Monster Lite attachments from Rogue can fit on the rack. Also accessories in addition to those made by other companies.

Hole Spacing

Westside hole spacing, a standard feature on 5/8″ racks, is available in the SML-2. Through the bench zone, the holes are separated by 1 inch. Which enables more precise adjustments for your J-cups and safeties. For folks who are “in-between” sizes, this may be helpful.

Exterior Rack Dimension 

Squat stands have a smaller footprint than most racks, which provides an additional advantage. This rack has a total of 48′′ in depth and 49′′ in width. 

There is a negative impact of having a 33 rack with a 49′′ width. The uprights and the plates are closer together, hence less room exists between them. As a result, you need to walk out and re-rack more quickly. 

Since you run a higher chance of damaging the crossbar with your plates. This squat stand has a total height of 92″.

Pull-Up Bar

On the product page, customers can choose to buy the SML-2 with a single 1.25-inch pull-up bar. The socket pull-up bar, available in a range of colors, finishes, and knurling options, can use.

Safety Options 

There are no built-in safety features with this stand. To raise securely on the rack, it is strongly advised that you buy the safety spotter arms. In addition, rack pulls and other maneuvers are possible with these spotters’ arms. 

While doing squats you need to be careful to avoid injuries. Whether you’re doing leverage squat or hack squat.

Optional Hole Numbers

You have the option to add laser-cut numbers to your uprights for an additional $50. Even-numbered cutouts are located through the Westside zone, while all holes above are numbered.

Some users may not find numbers to be a useful element. But they are, especially in the Westside zone. Personally, I advise using numbers. Although this feature only comes with SML-2C. 

Multiple Color Options

There is only one matte black powder coat option for the Rogue SML-2. Whereas 

the SML-2C’s availability in a range of colors is a huge plus. 

Currently, 11 distinct color choices are offered, including, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Rogue Red, etc. The rack also includes gorgeous black zinc hardware.

What’s Included In The Box

The following items are included as standard with the Rogue SML-2C and Rough SML-2 Squat Stand:

  • Monster Lite J-Cups with UHMW Lining
  • 43″ Single 1.25″ Pull-Up Bar
  • Or 43″ Fat/Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar
  • Uncurved Foot Base
  • 90″ Uprights with Side Holes

You can purchase wheel brackets or S-Base feet to secure the rack to the ground. 

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Attachment Compatibility

As I have mentioned earlier that Rouge SML-2 and Rouge SML-2C have no major differences. These two are mainly different from each other only in color variation. So here also they are attachment compatibility is the same.

Rogue’s Monster Lite Attachments are compatible with the Rogue SML-2 and SML-2C Squat Stand, which is made of 33 steel with 5/8′′ hardware.

Here, you have the option of upgrading the SML-2’s and SML-2C’s stock accessories or adding more to your rack.

I feel that a few accessories that need to be considered. These are the Sandwich J-Cups, Adjustable Monolift, Socket Pull-Up Bar, and Spotter Arms.

A better option than a regular pull-up bar is the socket version. Additionally, the arms of the spotter are crucial for security. The sandwich cups are a substantial improvement over a regular J-cup. The monolift makes bench setup simpler and does away with the squat walk-out.

Outside of Rogue Fitness, it’s important to check Titan Fitness and REP Fitness for attachment compatibility. Each of these businesses sells 33 and 5/8′′ hardware accessories (REP PR-4000 and Titan X-3). 

The fact that American-made racks use the imperial system is one thing to keep in mind. While foreign racks use the metric system. As a result, the hole spacing will be a little closer together. 

It might not fit properly if you discover an attachment with two pins. Alternatively, a single pin and a second hitch pin. Single-pin attachments frequently function well.


What Is A Squat Bar Called?

The power rack is a component of weightlifting gear. Sometimes known as a power cage, squat cage, or squat rack. It provides mechanical assistance for exercises using free-weight barbells without limiting movement. Like those seen in equipment like the Smith machine.

Can Rogue Squat Racks Be Left Outside?

Customers have successfully kept racks and setups outside for extended periods of time. However, anything exposed to the outdoors could possibly deteriorate more quickly than usual. All designs would endure the same.

Do Squats Racks Rust?

A chip in the enamel will reveal the metal and let rust seep in. So keep touching up any coating defects. Simply patch up any chips in the rack with paint to protect the surface from the outdoors.

What Is Westside Hole Spacing?

Westside spacing calls for a center hole distance of 1″ (2.5 cm). The Westside Barbell is credited with establishing its popularity in the US. It enabled bench press aficionados who were equipped to conserve energy while unracking the barbell.


I hope the subtle differences between SML-2 vs SML-2C cleared all of your confusion. Despite the fact that they cannot be distinguished from one another by any obvious difference. The color variation is only available in SML-2C.

So, this is it. I am done for today. I look forward to seeing you in the article on a different subject.

In the meantime, if you have any questions to ask us, hit us up in the comments below! Until then keep doing squats! 

See you!

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