Stretch Before Or After Massage: Which Is Better?

It is important to get stretched before or after a massage. But you’re thinking when you should stretch, right?

I understand your problem. You’re not the only person who is confused about this situation. 

Combine stretch with your massage therapy. Stretching helps to get you a long and positive result. For many people, stretching is an important part of their daily routine

I’ve gathered all the facts about stretching. I hope that would clear all the confusion.

When you should stretch before or after massage?

Stretching before a massage is not worth it. As it is not a warm-up, most physicians recommend it to do it after massage. Doing it after a massage can be beneficial in many ways. Stretching enables the looseness of your muscle. It gives more flexibility, improves blood flow, and so on.

Hold tight because I’m going to take you to the bottom of this problem. 

Stretching Before Or After Massage

Many therapists advised their clients after massage stretching. The majority of them like to stretch after their massage. It is preferable to do stretches after a massage. 

Combine stretch with your massage therapy. Stretching helps to get you a long and positive result. For many people stretching is an essential part of their daily routine. 

Stretching helps with your movement. Stretching also gives your body flexibility. Stretching relieves the stress and discomforts of our bodies. It improves performance levels and lowers injury risks.

How Do Massage And Stretch Work?

Both massage and stretching are good for your muscle and tissues. Both help to relax your muscle and lower tension. Also recovers injuries. After having a massage stretching help to prevent muscle injury or cramps.

On the other hand, massage on a regular routine improves your flexibility and motion range. Stretching holds the looseness of your muscle. It gives more flexibility. 

Massage manipulates muscles, tissues, and ligaments. Massage helps to faster heal strained muscles. Relieves stiffness and tension for your muscles. Lower fatigue, depression, and stress.

Stretch is quite similar to massage. Stretching can enhance your blood circulation. Improve nerve health. Make your movements easier. Improves flexibility. 

Stretching After Massage

Stretching After Massage

Many people like to stretch after a massage. Basically, it lowers muscle soreness. Also, reduce the injury risk.

You can preserve all the benefits you just got from a massage. Stretching helps you to preserve the benefits.

Massage on a daily basis increases your blood flow. Also improves blood circulation. Sometimes your tissue and muscle got tighten. Stretching pull the tissue and muscle for one another. It relaxed your body and mind. 

Muscles can be damaged after a deep massage. Blood flow and circulation improve after a massage. While doing a massage muscles and tissues are being pulled. You’ll feel loose after a massage. Even a bit taller.

Stretching after a massage muscles and tissues feel loosened. Stretching holds the looseness. It also improves your flexibility. It helps to increase your stretching tolerance.

Doing stretching on a regular basis can optimize your body mechanism. It reduces the risk of injury.

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Benefits Of Stretching After Massage

There are several benefits of stretching after a massage. When it’s a matter of fitness, flexibility is the main aspect. Walking after a massage is also good for health.

Improve Flexibility

Stretching improves flexibility as it is important for our health. It boosts your performance levels. You can perform your day-to-day activities with ease. It also reduces the chances of aging.

Boosts Motions Limitations

When your joints are flexible and in full motion. You’ll have more freedom while moving. Stretching can give you this freedom.

Stretching is very effective. It helps to boost the motions of movements.  

Improve Performance

Stretching helps with your everyday activities. It helps to prepare your muscles for any activities. If you’re an athlete stretching would help you to improve your performance. 

Improves Blood Flow

Stretching improves your circulation if you do it regularly. It grows blood circulation to your muscles. It also reduces the recovery time. 

Improve Posture

One thing everyone doesn’t want is bad posture. Stretching can improve bad posture. Focusing on some specific muscles and doing stretches. Stretching will help to improve your posture and reduce muscle pain.

Help With Back Pain

A tight muscle can cause pain. It can create discomfort in your movements. It mostly happens in the muscles in our back. Stretching can heal the pain. Regular stretching 

reduces the chance of future injury or any pain. 

Relief Stress

Stretching helps with stress. It is a common therapy to reduce stress. You feel stressed when your muscles are tense. The areas you feel stress in your body are mostly the neck, upper back, and shoulder. 

Precautions Of Stretching

Never stretch your muscles against your comfort level. If you feel pain in some specific muscles. If your back hurt while doing squats or stretching, immediately stop. Instead, consult with your physician or your massage therapist. 

Before stretching warm up first. Running can be good. You can run for 50-10 minutes. Warm-up increases blood flow to your muscles. It will help you to stretch after your massage. 

Know your limits. Do stretch according to your tolerance level. You may be looking for flexibility. But this can be a backfire. Increase your levels slowly.

Holding a stretch for too long can lead to long-lasting muscle pain. You can tear your muscle during the stretch. 

Why You Should Not Stretch Before Massage

You consider doing stretch before your massage. Many people do the same before massage or exercise. Here’s the catch, stretching is not a warmup.  

If you stretch your cold muscles. You might end up with injuries in your muscles. Instead, you can jog for 5-10 minutes. Walking is a good warmup process. Even cycling is a good option.

Some research indicates that stretching before a massage can lead to muscle injuries. Stretching immediately after a massage can do the same. 

While doing an exercise your injured muscles can give you more pain. Probably you can’t perform sit-ups without holding your feet. 

Focus on your major muscles while stretching. Your shoulder, neck, upper back, hips, thighs. Be sure that you stretch both sides of these muscles. 

Everyone’s flexibility levels are not the same. Be sure to put focus on both sides of your muscles. Don’t strive for flexibility. Before stretching a massage won’t give you the flexibility that you want. It ultimately leads to a muscle injury or pain. 

Why You Should Not Stretch Before Massage

Stretching is a bit time-consuming. But you can get the best result if you do it after a massage. Before a massage is not beneficial for health. 

But if your physical therapist recommends you to stretch before getting a massage. Then you can go for it with proper instruction. 

Simple Exercises To Stretch Your Body After Massage

Here are some stretch exercises that you can try after a massage. You can simply do these stretching exercises at your home. You can do these exercises after massage.

Fold Forward Exercise

Stand still and slowly bend your waist. Allow your torso to hang in place while keeping your shoulders and arms at a relaxed angle. Your spine will naturally be able to decompress as a result. 

Try softly rocking from side to side if you want to let some tension out. To prevent your neck from straining to support your head, let your chin rest on your chest. 

When you wish to stand back up, make sure to do so carefully while keeping your knees bent. Make every effort to lead from your hips so that your head and shoulders realign last.

Your hamstrings and calves will be stretched and lengthened thoroughly by this exercise. It will also help you open your hips and relax your shoulders and neck.

Knee Hold Exercise

One leg should be brought to the chest while you recline on your back. Keep the knee in this posture for around 60 seconds with your hands clenched together. You should switch between your two knees. Press your knee into your palms to increase resistance if you want to feel the stretch more intensely.

This pose is very helpful for maintaining the flexibility of your lower back.

Arm Pull And Bend

Place your hips over your ankles and keep your knees relaxed. When you stand up make sure your spine is properly aligned. Stretch your arms out in front of you and then, one arm at a time, raise your fingertips steadily higher.

Lean to the side while holding out your arms. Your obliques and ribs should both feel stretched out. Try gripping the opposing wrist as you lean side to side to deepen the stretch even further.


Are There Any Different Types Of Stretching?

Three are four types of stretching. Passive stretching, dynamic stretching, active stretching, and PNF stretching. 

Do I Need To Stretch Every Day?

Doing stretches on a regular basis is beneficial for your body. It improves blood circulation. Flexible muscles and tissues. You’ll be benefited in many ways.

Why Do I Need Stretching?

There are so many reasons for doing stretches. It boosts your flexibility. Enhance your motion limitations. Improve performance. Improves blood streaming. Gives you better posture. Help with your back pain. Relief Stress.


Now you know everything about stretching about when you should stretch before or after massage. 

If you made it to the end, then you probably got your answer. 

Stretching after the massage is the one thing you should do. In many possible ways, it benefits you. 

But if there any changes you might wanna bring. Then you should consult with your doctor.

See you soon!

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