Switching Lantus From Night to Morning: Explained

blood sugar spike at night

Does your blood sugar spike at night? In most cases,  it’s because you were given Lantus at night. So you might think switching Lantus to the morning might be the fix for this. But you don’t know how you can do this, do you? 

So, what is the procedure for switching Lantus from night to morning?

Going back 2 hours at a time is the most effective strategy. If you typically take it at 10 p.m., change the time the next day to 8 p.m. You can push it back 2 hours/day. Do it until you reach the time you want to take it in the morning. This will take you roughly 7-10 days to rearrange your dosage.

You may still be unsure if you can do this or not. Don’t worry. To assist you, we’ve written a comprehensive article specifically about this subject.

So, why are you still waiting? Let’s start!

Can You Switch Lantus from Night to Morning?

All of us diabetics know how important it is for us to maintain perfect blood sugar. And to do that, you need to maintain your insulin dosage schedule perfectly. Otherwise, it’ll mess up your blood sugar.

This is especially true if you’re using Lantus. Since it is a long-acting insulin, you need to be extremely precise with your schedule. It’s kind of like how you’ll need the perfect to maintain the proper dosage of metformin for ketosis

You need to take Lantus every day at the same time. But can you switch the timing of Lantus intake?

The answer is yes. You can switch Lantus from night to morning. This will take some time. And you need to adjust your body little by little each day. 

Well, we’ll show you how you can do that. But first, let us clear some things for you. 

First, can you take Lantus in the morning

The answer is yes. You can take Lantus anytime you want. This is as long as you take it every day at the same time. 

But why is gargline given at night?

If you don’t know what Gargline is, it is a different name for Lantus. It is given at night because it more effectively lowers fasting blood sugar levels. But, different people react to this differently. What might be suitable for many people might not be suitable for you. 

However, you’ll frequently discover that 2 hours after dinner, your blood glucose levels will rise. When it reaches 12 to 13 mmol, you will notice that taking insulin won’t work. In that case, it’ll be better if you take the Lantus in the morning.

So, let us now tell you how you can switch your Lantus from night to morning.     

How to Switch Lantus from Night to Morning?

Switching long-lasting insulin from night to morning can be very difficult. And you’ll need to follow a procedure to do this. It’s very simple. However, it’ll take some time. 

There are a few ways you can do this. However, not all of them are effective. 

The best technique we found was to move back two hours at a time. Suppose you’re used to taking it at 10 pm. You should move it back to 8 pm the next day. The day after that, take it at 6 pm. 

This way, you gradually move it back 2 hours per day. This will continue until you reach the time in the morning when you plan on taking it. 

This is a very lengthy process. If you follow this technique, it’ll take you about 7-10 days until you reschedule your dosage. This depends on the time you used to take it and the time you want to take it. 

Always remember to never change your schedule drastically. If you do that, then your body won’t be able to adjust to it. This will increase your blood sugar level and you won’t be able to control it. This will cause major problems and may even kill you if not handled properly. 

However, there are other insulins available on the market. Some of them are easier to handle. 

We have mentioned two of them below.


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This supplement contains “Plant Insulin.” It can aid in Type 2 Diabetes remission. 

Both of these are good, high-quality insulins. You can try them out if you like. 

Okay, so coming back to the point. You now know how you can change the schedule of your Lantus dosage. 

However, I know many diabetics have a problem with staying on track with their dosage. If you’re like them, then some tips and tricks might help you stay on track. 

And that’s what we have in our next segment. Go and have a read!   

Tips for Staying on Track With Your Lantus

Long-acting insulin injections called Lantus are used to treat type 2 diabetes. There are specific protocols you should adhere to if you use this. This will ensure that the insulin works as efficiently as possible. 

Not only with Lantus, but you can also follow these tips even if you’re using some other insulin. 

Tip 1: Good Sleep Routine

Lantus insulin works to keep your blood sugar stable when you’re fasting. Lantus insulin should preferably result in a change of no more than 30 mg/dL. This also includes when you’re sleeping, within your goal range.

Maintaining regular sleeping patterns can make it easier for you.  Your doctor can keep track of how the insulin affects your body both a. This is required so that you can forecast the insulin-action window of time.

Tip 2: Self Monitor

Check your blood sugar levels frequently. In this manner, you are able to comprehend and monitor the effects of various factors on them. 

You should also do this even if you’re not taking Lantus. Sometimes levemir doesn’t lower blood sugar. So, self-monitoring helps a lot. 

Exercise, a variety of foods, and the timing of meals are a few examples. 

Basing your predictions on your daily activities will also assist you in predicting your blood sugar levels.

You can also prevent the negative effects of having extremely low or extremely high blood sugar. Do this by self-monitoring properly and on a regular basis. Additionally, self-monitoring will assist you in selecting the appropriate insulin dosage.

Tip 3: Turn the Injection Site Around

Insulin injections into the same spot repeatedly can lead to the formation of hard lumps. The term for this is lipohypertrophy. Fatty deposits are the root cause of these hard lumps. They have the potential to change the insulin’s absorption rate over time.

So, don’t inject in the same spot every time. And you should stay away from the region surrounding the belly button.

Tip 4: Keep up a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase the sensitivity of your body to insulin. Your doctor’s diabetes control plan will be more effective if you exercise frequently and eat regularly.

Besides this, daily exercise can reduce the likelihood of severe blood sugar increases. In the meantime, eating frequently can assist in maintaining consistent blood sugar.

It’s crucial to establish your personal insulin injection routine. And maintaining it will enable you to successfully control your blood sugar levels.

Well, now you know how you can keep track of your Lantus. However, if you’re new to using insulin, you should look into insulin guidelines for type 2 diabetics


Can Lantus be used twice daily?

The FDA has not approved a dosage for Lantus that is administered twice daily. Although it might be off-label, your doctor might advise it. Off-level means a physician prescribing medicine that is not under FDA laws.

How much time does Lantus take to reach its peak?

The peak action period for Lantus ranges from 6 to 20 hours. This comes with commencement of effect of 1-2 hours. Lantus does not peak. Instead, it delivers a constant dose of insulin over the course of time. The action lasts anywhere from 20 to 36 hours in total.

Lantus: Does it lead to weight gain?

One of the most typical adverse effects of Lantus is weight gain. People who took Lantus for 16 to 28 weeks on average gained up to 1.5 pounds (lb). Kids who used Lantus and continuous insulin for 28 weeks gained up to 4.8 lbs.

Final Word

Now you know everything about switching Lantus from night to morning. We have tried to explain how you can do this. 

However, for diabetic patients, nothing is a walk in the park. In some cases, you can’t handle it yourself. Then we highly recommend you get the help of professionals. They can guide you through this in the best possible way.

Good luck!

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