Test E and Eq Cycle- Know Everything Here!

Testosterone E and Eq Cycle is briefly known as Testosterone Enanthate & Equipoise Cycle respectively. Both are unique and effective in their own way. 

They are the first choice of thousands of bodybuilders and athletes to get into impressive shapes. 

But there’s more to it!

So, want to know why Test E and Eq Cycle are the talks of every town?

Test E works effectively when taken individually or in stacks with other anabolic steroids. Contrarily, Equipoise goes well along with other steroids and for cutting other cycles. They help your metabolism to synthesize muscle protein and new RBCs. You can also help burn fat around your belly.

This article briefly explains testosterone E and Eq Cycles, their length, results, and side effects. 

Test E And Eq Cycle- A Brief Discussion 

Equipoise steroid (Test E or Boldenone) is a veterinary drug used to enhance brilliant performance. It’s the best as athletes and bodybuilders make their own choices and still go for it.


Mainly to increase anabolic activities. It helps you get the perfect physique with enhanced muscle mass. 

Also, testosterone levels are sometimes suppressed by other steroids in your body. But don’t worry; the enanthate cycle will be beneficial to maintaining its level.

Testosterone Equipoise (Test Eq) is a versatile compound that works by itself or supports other supplements. This cycle has been approved for multiple purposes but mainly it works for cutting other cycles. 

Moreover, test eq is being consumed at the outset of other steroidal progressions. It boosts the natural ability of your body to maintain muscle development, and testosterone levels.

Now, a bit more detail about their cycle length. 

Testosterone E And Eq Cycle Length

Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Equipoise cycles have specific lengths based on their working mechanism.

Testosterone Enanthate (Test E) Cycle Length

Testosterone Enanthate cycle length is different for different levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  1. For a boldenone cycle for beginners, the cycle length should be 8 weeks or 1-10 weeks.
  2. The intermediate cycle length is approximately 10 weeks or 10-15 weeks.
  3. An advanced cycle length has been recorded of 12 weeks for a complete cycle. Any steroids intake of more than 13 to 20 weeks is too long.

Moreover, D-bol dosage is advised during testosterone cycles to boost its action. A two weeks PCT cycle is highly recommended to restore your body’s natural synthesis of testosterone.

Testosterone Equipoise (Test Eq) Cycle Length

Testosterone Equipoise has a unique structure because there is a slight variation in its chemical formula. An ester molecule is attached that causes the slowest release of equipoise into the body. 

Equipoise can be released into your body for up to three weeks after dosage.

  1. At the beginner level, generally, the testosterone Equipoise cycle length should be 12 weeks. It may also be extended to fourteen weeks. This cycle length is excellent for better results. 
  2. The intermediate cycle length is about to continue for 12 weeks. Dianabol supplement is recommended to take for the first 5 weeks. Then it must be stopped for the remaining eight weeks.
  3. An advanced testosterone equipoise cycle is about 12 weeks long.

Pharmacists recommend taking testosterone Equipoise and enanthate combined for outstanding results. Let’s know about them!

Test E And Equipoise Cycle Results

Testosterone and Testosterone Cycles are perfect planned progressions to achieve muscle growth and empowerment. 

These are their exceptional aftermaths. 

Testosterone E Cycle Results

The testosterone E Cycle provides both anabolic and androgenic effects by improving the production of testosterone. All you have to do is to plan perfect training with a healthy proteinaceous diet. 

The results are: 

●  It Improves the processes of lipolysis and muscle building. 

●  It accelerates receptor cell generation in your body.

muscle building

Equipoise (Test Eq) Cycle Results 

After the completion of the Eq Cycle, you will see improvement in multiple metabolic activities. The equipoise steroid cycle provides a 100:50 percentage of anabolic to androgenic outcomes. 

The testosterone Equipoise cycle gives the following outputs:

●  This supplement improves nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in muscles.

●  Equipoise Cycle also shows excellent results in the increment of IGF-1. This lowers stress hormones.

●  The testosterone Equipoise cycle boosts your system’s metabolism. 

●  It strengthens your muscle mass. You can use a 45Ib or 54Ib barbell press to lead this strength. 

●  You will get more strength and energy to work out for a longer time.

●  The Testosterone Equipoise cycle improves steroids to reduce your fat percentage.

However, to get all of these results, you should be careful about the dosages.  


Test E and Equipoise Dosage

It is important to take the proper dosage of test E and Equipoise during the whole cycle. I’ve discussed the dosages according to the different levels.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Dosage

The Testosterone Enanthate Cycle can be applied as three basic cycles; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Here I have briefly explained the test Enanthate cycle dosage.

●  Beginners should take 300-500 mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate.

●  While the Intermediate test E cycle requires 100 mg/week for the entire twelve weeks.

●  Advanced Test E cycle consists of a 100mg dose of testosterone enanthate per week. This cycle is also prolonged for 12 weeks.

Testosterone Equipoise Cycle Dosage

Testosterone Equipoise has a slow effective mechanism. Therefore, it should be continued for a long time at least 12-14 weeks test eq cycle. Now it’s time to know about the perfect testosterone Equipoise cycle dosage.

●  For beginner Eq cycle, the recommended dosage is 400mg/week.

●  In the Intermediate test eq cycle, take 500-600mg dose weekly for twelve weeks.

●  The advanced test Eq cycle requires up to 600mg dose to complete the cycle.

People also ask about the comparison between Test Cyp with Eq. 

Test Cyp And Eq Cycle Results

The Testosterone Cyp cycle is somehow longer with the slowest mechanism of action. But it is appropriate to use if you want long-term effects. The testosterone Equipoise cycle works with other factors such as diet etc.

Test Cyp Cycle Results

Testosterone Cypionate is the most widely used ester testosterone compound by athletes and bodybuilders. The compound has the slowest release acting mechanism. Therefore, it is recommended for longer cycles of 14 weeks or more. It gives dramatic results when taken at higher dosages. The Testosterone Cyp cycle provides the best outcomes including-

●  It boosts protein synthesis, IGF-1 hormone, and nitrogen retention.

●  It promotes muscle growth and reduces the fat percentage.

●  It is beneficial for cutting other steroidal cycles.

●  It helps your body to rebuild red blood cells to carry high oxygen.

●  Testosterone Cypionate empowers athletes and bodybuilders to work out longer without any fatigue.

Test Eq Cycle Results 

Users can gain  30 Ibs of muscle mass within the twelve-week cycle of Testosterone Equipoise. All you have to do is to plan perfect training with a healthy proteinaceous diet. The testosterone Equipoise cycle gives the following outputs:

●  The testosterone Equipoise cycle results in improving your metabolism.

●  You will feel more power and strength.

●  It empowers you to practice more and harder workout sessions.

●  It noticeably reduces your fat mass because of its ability for cutting cycles.

Equipose And Testosterone Cycle Side Effects

Steroids are good for muscle building but they are bad for you. Equipose or Boldenone is run by the liver. If it is taken in high doses or prolonged cycle, it drastically harms your liver. It provokes multiple androgenic, estrogenic, and cardiovascular side effects.

Side Effects Of Equipose Cycle

●  It can adversely produce acne breakouts in your body.

●  You may likely get facial hair growth. 

●  It can drastically decrease or permanently shut down testosterone levels in your body.

●  Its high dose or prolonged cycle will badly harm your liver.

Side effects of the Testosterone Cycle

●  It can cause testicular atrophy because testosterone production has been very low.

●  It may also increase cholesterol levels.

●  It causes water retention and high blood pressure.

If you want to increase testosterone without any side effects, then such miracle supplements do exist. 

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How long can we use Equipoise?

For beginners, the recommended Equipoise cycle is almost 14 weeks. You should take 400mg of test eq per week for the entire 14 weeks. Moreover, the test E dose should be 300-500mg/week along with the Eq cycle. This medication will provide you with excellent results such as mass gain and empowerment.

What is the half-life of test E?

Testosterone Enanthate is a modified rendition of testosterone with an expanded ester group. It has a half-life of about 4 ⅕ days.

How long does test E stay in your system?

The half-life of Testosterone Enanthate has been endorsed as of 4 ⅕ days. Therefore, it stays in your system for nearly 8 ⅕ days.

Final Words

That was everything about the Test E and Eq Cycle. Test E and Eq when used together provide excellent results. Both the steroids are being used for hardcore physique and muscle development.  

These are highly recommended supplements for planned mass gain specifically for cutting purposes.

But be careful about the dose or else you will face side effects. Use them both in the recommended quantity and live healthily. 

See you next time!

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