Test Phenylpropionate vs Prop: What to Choose?

If you want to gain muscle and achieve your athletic goals, testosterone is the ideal supplement. As long as you stick to the dosage recommendations, this anabolic steroid produces excellent effects. But there are a lot of testosterone options to choose from.

For example, test phenylpropionate vs prop which is better for you?

Bodybuilders typically prefer test propionate to phenylpropionate. It produces results more quickly than other steroids. Phenylpropionate has a longer half-life than a prop. Both contribute to gaining strength and muscle. However, they also have adverse effects like acne, hair loss, and Gynecomastia.

This is nearly sufficient to choose between the two. Should you then Google for a more thorough answer? No, we have already saved you time by giving you all the details here. 

Let’s look at the cycle times, dosages, and outcomes of each.

Test Phenylpropionate Vs Prop: A Brief Comparison

Difference Factor

Test Phenylpropionate

Test  Propionate
Cycle6-8 Weeks6-10 weeks
Dosage100-200 mg once every 3 days300-500 mgper week
ResultMuscle Growth, fat burning, quick muscle recovery, increased Body strengthHelps with low testosterone level, growth of muscle tissue, increases red blood cell
Side effectsAcne, rashes, baldness, Gynecomastiapain at the injection site, diarrhea, leg pain, dizziness, increased sweating,
Half-life4-5 days2/4 days

You could still be unsure of which to select. You might wish to go on a cycle for cutting, bulking, or any other purpose.

In order to better compare the two steroids, we have put up a more thorough comparison. It provides all of the information you’ll need to determine which option is best for you.

Test Phenylpropionate Vs Prop: Comparison in Details !!

hair loss

The hormone testosterone has vital functions in the body. It controls libido, bone and muscle mass, muscle strength, and the creation of red blood cells.

We’ve laid out all of the details for you to ensure a complete comparison. We believe that this part will address all of your inquiries.


Testosterone dosage varies based on the cycle. A 6-8 week cycle is what most people opt for. However, some choose to take a 20-week longer cycle.

Every two to three days, Testosterone Propionate must be taken. Based on your cycle time, the quantity you require for each dosage will be allocated.

Test Propionate is advised to take 300–500 mg every week. Beginners should start with 300 mg, according to recommendations.

The dosage is slightly reduced for Test Phenylpropionate. For once every three days of intake, it typically ranges between 100 and 200 mg.


Cycles of eight to ten weeks or even six weeks can be utilized with Testosterone Propionate. Most users’ kick-in periods for this steroid happen two to four weeks into their cycle.

Beginner and intermediate steroid users can benefit from a ten-week solo cycle of Test Prop. You can use this as a lean mass cycle or a bulking cycle. Those with more steroid experience can still benefit from a solo cycle.

When taken in the off-season or for bulking, this cycle will stimulate muscle growth. The person will eat more calories during this time to feed their muscles and promote optimal growth. Rice and potato are great for bulking during this time.

Contrarily, the cycle of Test Phenylpropionate might last anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks. It can be utilized both alone and in combination with other anabolic steroids during the cycle.

It is always recommended for beginners to start with modest dosages and short cycles. After some time, these cycles can be modified. But never alter your cycle or dosage without consulting a doctor


Both of these cycles have similar results because they are both testosterone-based. One could exhibit more advantages than the other.

Testosterone Propionate is very helpful for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness fanatics. Low testosterone levels in men are known to be treated with this steroid. 

You can experience the growth of muscular tissue, as well as faster recovery after an extensive workout. It raises the body’s red blood cell count, allowing more oxygen to enter the body. 

When taken for bulking or slimming, Testosterone Prop will be really beneficial.  Nonetheless, it is crucial to diet and works out in accordance with your end goal.

Bulking cycles need the user to consume more calories, whilst reducing cycles require a calorie-restricted diet.

When utilized properly, Test Phenylpropionate will also produce excellent results. This cycle results in the building of muscles, a fat-burning cycle, and rapid recovery. 

The strength of the bones and the body will both improve. Increased testosterone levels will also boost your libido.

Test prop can occasionally be more effective than  Phenylpropionate. However, the effects of Phenylpropionate last longer than those of test prop.

Side Effects

If you wish to avoid major side effects, always follow the dose instructions. But because human bodies are complex, some people may experience negative effects. Even when they are taking the recommended dosage of testosterone.

Pain at the injection site is testosterone propionate’s most typical side effect. Diarrhoea, leg discomfort, dizziness, and increased perspiration,  are other typical side effects.

Along with those you may also feel headaches and breast pain. Acne and  gynecomastia also occur because of these dosages. Check in with your doctor if these side effects go out of hand.

In the case of Phenylpropionate, some typical adverse effects include Gynecomastia, rashes, and acne. It may also be the cause of high blood pressure.

For some users, it even results in baldness. You can use these hair growth formulas to address this issue.


It regenerates your hair follicles and encourages the growth of your lost hair.  

This supplement has undergone medical testing. It has a natural solution that addresses the root cause of hair loss. It allows hair follicles to generate new hair.


The duration needed for a drug’s active ingredient to decrease to half is known as the half-life. This is dependent on how the substance is processed and eliminated by the body.

It can range from several hours to many days or even weeks. Testosterone usually has a half-life of about 4-5 days or less.

Once injected into your body, the Testosterone Phenylpropionate has a half-life of 4-5 days. To maintain testosterone regularly, it should be taken once every three days or twice every week.

Due to its prolonged active life, this makes it ideal for bodybuilders. There is also adequate time for the injection area to recover before the following dosage.

Compared to other testosterone esters, Testosterone Propionate has a half-life of about 2-4.5 days. So you need to inject more frequently than other testosterones.

Post Cycle therapy

When an individual has finished a round of steroids, they must complete post cycle therapy or PCT. The goal is to restore their body to a state where it can produce hormones naturally once more.

An individual should begin post-cycle therapy after their steroid cycle is finished. Without PCT, levels of testosterone might never return to normal, making long-term replacement therapy necessary.

Some people begin PCT as soon as two or three days following their last pill or injection. Start times are flexible and depend on the types of steroids used and cycle length. 

Although some people use both during PCT, the prefered drugs are Clomid or Nolvadex. Headaches, upset stomach and nausea are a few of the possible adverse effects while PCT.

PCT is necessary for at least 1-2 weeks for both the Test Phenylpropionate and the Test Propionate. However, it depends on your cycle. It can last for up to 6 weeks.

Final Verdict

Since the two supplements function in the same way, there isn’t a substantial difference between them. Both of them are anabolic steroids with remarkably similar half-lives. Although test propionate is known to work faster than other steroids.

Dosage is normally taken twice a week. Some bodybuilders combine the two of these. But it’s generally agreed that taking them one at a time is better. So seek advice from your physician before.

Test Propionate is an option if you need extra rapid results. But Propionate is no longer often consumed by individuals today. They prefer other steroids.

On the other hand, the active life of Test Phenylpropionate is longer. So it is also a better choice. 


How Much Time Does Testosterone Propionate Require to Reach Its Peak?

Within 10 to 12 hours of the first dosage, the levels of circulating testosterone reach their highest. The level tends to stabilize within 24 hours.

Which Steroids Help You Gain Muscle the Quickest?

The fastest-acting bulking steroid is Dianabol. individuals frequently gain 10-15 pounds of mass in the first six weeks of use.

What Kind of Steroid is Testosterone Propionate?

Test propionate is an anabolic steroid. It has a short half-life and a slower rate of release than other anabolic steroids. It is a testosterone androstane steroid derivative in the form of testosterone 17 propionate ester.

Which Testosterone is Better for Bodybuilding?

Testosterone Suspension is the better choice. Bodybuilders refer to this form of testosterone as a “potent bulk agent” since it excludes an ester. It helps build strength and muscle mass very quickly.

End Words

That concluded our conversation with test phenylpropionate vs. prop. The type of test you must take ultimately depends entirely on you and your goal.

We hope this essay has helped you make a decision. You might benefit more from the assistance of a coach or professional bodybuilder. 

Until next time!

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