Test to Deca Ratio: Meet Your Workout Goals!

When you want to achieve fast workout results, many things come to mind. 

The matter of right protein intake becomes necessary. All you need is the right plan to meet your workout goals.

With the right test to deca ratio, you shall be able to achieve what you want.

The right ratio should come about in three different cycle plans. An 8-week cycle, a 12 weeks cycle, and a 16-week cycle depending on your ability. Outlining a proper diet and workout plan with each cycle gives enough insights. You must be able to determine the right plan. 

You are in luck since we have stretched over an article that can benefit you. 

In simple and easy terms we are going to go forward to plan out your workouts.

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Test to Deca Ratio – The Right Cycles

The generally suggested test to deca ratio is 2:1. You should realize that the testosterone intake should be higher than the Deca-Durabolin intake. 

As you know, you should be careful with your steroid intake. For this reason, the beneficial effects of testosterone are needed to keep you healthy.  

For example, if you are taking 350mg of deca, your testosterone intake should be 500 to 700mg. Do not take more or less and explore the deca 300 benefits.

To take the two supplements, you must have a proper plan. Good planning will keep you healthy and meet your bodybuilding goals. 

Since your goal is to build body mass with more muscles and less fat. The programs should include effective fat burning and muscle growth. 

Now, the question lies in how long you should be taking these steroids and supplements. You are looking for a faster solution. 

However, you should plan wisely. The plan should consider the test deca 2:1 ratio of your weekly intakes.

In this scenario, you should be looking for one of three plans. The plans are 8 weekly, 12 weekly, and 16 weekly. 

8 Weeks Cycle

We shall start with an 8-week cycle scenario. Firstly, you must have a goal. 

The goal is how much fat want to burn in 8 weeks. Alongside fat burning, the goal must have a realistic expectation. This means, how many muscles you expect to grow in 8 weeks.

To meet your goal, you should have a pre-workout supplement. This is coming over in terms of proper testosterone booster intake. As suggested before, that should be around 500 to 700mg weekly.

However, in the beginning, phase, it is recommended to take a low dose test and deca. You should allow your body to slowly adapt to the dosages. 

So, perhaps take150mg of steroids alongside 300mg of testosterone supplements. 

You would be wondering if the suggested testosterone supplement dosage is enough for you. You may take 400mg of testosterone supplement as a booster in a cycle. 

If you haven’t taken anabolic steroids before, you should be wise to start low. 

Test to Deca Ratio: Meet Your Workout Goals!

Your workout routine should be five days a week. The two rest days include one cheat day. As you know cheat day means, eating whatever you want, a pizza or perhaps a burger. 

During non-workout days, remember to take half the dosage of whey protein. This is for muscle recovery and growth. 

In the 5 days of your workout routine, focus on your upper-body for the first 3 days. You shall focus on the lower body for the last two days. 

You should be aware that Deca-Durabolin is not recommended to take daily. You can take it twice a week. 

It has many strong ingredients such as nandrolone that makes you powerful.

As you’re taking steroids and strong supplements, your daily diet should include a lot of organic foods. Lean meat is a good source of protein. You need a lot of protein for muscle growth.

You are hitting hard at the gym for a powerful body. For this reason, you should stay healthy as well.

In addition, take plenty of water or other fluids each day. Your immune system should be stronger. 

12 Weeks Cycle

So, what to expect from the deca and test cycle? The answer arrives from many areas, but let us look at the 12 weeks cycle.

You may have a sound experience in the bodybuilding department. In this case, start with a 12 weeks cycle. 

You have probably taken other basic supplements before. You have been enjoying your gym workouts for quite a while also. Here, you are looking forward to a more advanced training scenario.

Your body may have digested supplement contents before, be it amino acid or whey protein. Your steroid intake should be more useful as you have the experience to lift heavy. 

If you are not lifting heavy, there is no point in taking steroids. You may experience various side effects such as weight gain and so. 

The point of a 12-week cycle is that you have developed enough power beforehand. So you are able to lift heavier than before. 

In the 12 weeks cycle, the test 400 and deca cycle dosage is more appropriate. So, you can take 400mg or perhaps 500mg of testosterone weekly. The deca dosage should be half. 

It is recommended not to experiment much. Take the same dosage for 12 weeks straight.

You should check your results every week, with a realistic goal. 

Check how much fat you have burned per week. Also realize, if the fat burning is allowing enough space for muscle growth. 

Many different steroids usually require daily injections. However, the Deca-Durabolin requires once or perhaps twice a week. 

It stays in your body the entire week. It is constantly affecting your blood flow so that the muscles develop fibers to grow. There are varieties of results you can achieve from intermediate to advanced levels of deca cycles

At some point, you may become a pro in the gym workout arena. You may feel like competing in the bodybuilding contest. For that, you need a heavier dosage and a longer cycle.

Outlining a proper diet and workout plan

16 Weeks Cycle

A 16 weeks cycle means you are a professional. If bodybuilding is just your hobby, normally you would stop at 8 weeks. 

The furthest is 12 weeks and then you should stop taking steroids. There is no point in spending so much on steroids. Because being professional is not your goal.

It requires a lot of hard work to reach the professional level. The Deca Durabolin benefits are many but you should be pushing hard at the gym. Without that the side effects may come into play.

You should increase your daily testosterone intake by up to 1000mg. With that, you are able to improve your steroid intake. Also, you can take it three times a week by splitting the dosage. 

The right amount of testosterone would help you to stay longer at the gym. You should be pushing for the heaviest weights possible. Since you have become a pro, you should be able to reach extreme heights. s

Develop a fine gym routine with the perfect ratio between pushups and bench presses, and also deadlifts. 

With the right intent and focus you should be able to compete in bodybuilding contests. 

Final Verdict

The world of bodybuilding has become complicated and much more advanced in recent years. People are reaching extreme levels with their bodies, something is never seen before. 

These extreme results come with a lot of passion, hard work, and study. There are thousands of supplements and steroids on the market. 

To find the right product, a lot of research is done by many individuals. This is to understand what chemicals suit individual needs. 

In this context, you should be examining test and deca results sincerely before taking them. You must realize how healthy you are. This is because having health issues can backfire on your results. 

We have a product suggestion table to help you find some healthy supplements.

BP ZoneHelps to regulate and normalize blood pressure levels.
Lean Belly JuiceJuice powder that strengthens the immune system
Orgain OrganicOrganic protein powder
Omega3 Fish OilGood for muscle recovery 


Why Deca-Durabolin should be taken once or twice a week?

Deca-Durabolin is a very strong steroid, it stays in your body for a long time. Taking deca more than suggested would make you feel sick. This is why should take it once or twice a week. 

What happens when we stop taking testosterone boosters?

If you stop taking testosterone boosters, nothing extraordinary happens. However, with the boosters taken, you would perform better and longer in the gym. 

What happens with a 2:2 Test and Deca ratio?

The same levels of testosterone and Deca intake is not suggested. This is because your blood pressure may fluctuate with a higher deca dosage. Your body may not be able to regulate blood flow properly. 


Understanding the right test to deca ratio is important to meet your goals. The benefits you would receive are plenty in number.

Hope we have been able to help you with clear insights.

Bye for now!

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