Test Tren Anadrol Cycle: Everything You Need to Know!

Thinking about growing muscle? Testosterone, Trenbolone and Anadrol make such a useful combo together for muscle growth. 

You might wanna know about the test tren anadrol cycle. 

Test tren Anadrol cycle is a combination of three drugs that are used to grow muscles. These are hormones. All three steroids increase red blood cell production and muscle mass. You can run this cycle for up to 11 weeks. It can vary from person to person. Extra dosage of the drugs damages the body. 

Stick to the end of this article to know more about this cycle. 

Anadrol, Testosterone and Trenbolone Cycle 

Who doesn’t want to stay young and youthful? Every one of us does. And that’ ‘s when the steroid-taking methods come into our minds. 

A lot of people are really crazy about test tren anadrol bulk.

A lot of methods are applied nowadays to stay young and youthful. Even muscles can be built by taking steroids separately. 

Multiple cycles are used to grow muscles and reduce aging speed. But 5 methods using Anadrol are very famous and effective. They are called Anadrol cycles. 

Basically, using Anadrol and tagging some other drug makes anadrol cycles. Similarly, tagging testosterone and trenbolone with anadrol makes a nice combo. 

A lot of people have gotten suggestive results after using this steroid combo. A lot of bodybuilders do prefer anadrol tren test stack a lot. 

Ugl steroids also increase muscle and a lot of body builders prefer this too.

Besides muscle building, anadrol, testosterone and the trenbolone cycle are also used for anti-aging. 

It makes a person more youthful. That’s why people are getting more attracted to these supplements day by day. 

Before you choose this cycle for yourself you need to know its functions. And for that, you need to look into each of the three elements of this cycle. 

By doing that you can easily understand the cycle and realize its pros and cons. 


Anadrol is basically Oxymetholone. If we elaborate on it, Anadrol can also be said to be a synthetic anabolic steroid. 

Sometimes it is used as a medic. Usually, that is used to treat anemia. Because of its ability to produce red blood cells. 

But Anadrol shows a lot better results compared to the one used as medicine. But both steroid has mostly similar side effects. 

Functions of Anadrol

Structurally Anadrol is very much similar to Testosterone. And its functions are also kind of similar to testosterone. 

Sometimes, a lot of people take a half dosage of this steroid. It means 25 mg instead of 50 mg. If is complete up to the user whether 25 mg of Anadrol is enough or not.

A lot of muscle builders and athletes use Anadrol in the off-season. Mainly it helps with muscle growth. But it has other functions as well. 

Functions of Anadrol: 

  1. Increases red blood cell production 
  2. Increases the levels of free testosterone 
  3. Builds muscle mass
  4. Decreases globulin level


Testosterone is a hormone for men. Is it basically a sex hormone. But it has other functions as well. 

This hormone is naturally produced in the male body during their teenage years. But a lot of people take it separately to build their muscles. Because it is a growth hormone as well. 

Sexual desires are completely run by this hormone. And that’s why after taking this hormone a lot of people get excited sexually. 

It just not only increases sexual excitement. Sometimes it reduces sexual desire as well. Both of the points are side effects of taking testosterone. 

That’s why when bodybuilders or athletes take this they face severe mood swings. Which leads to a bad temper as well. 

Like a lot of hormones, testosterone has multiple functions. These are – 

  1. Increases bone mass
  2. Controls libido (sex drive) 
  3. Increases muscle mass 
  4. Increases muscle strength 
  5. Enhances red blood cell production 
  6. Regulates sperm production 


It is also a steroid which helps to bulk muscles. It is also used by bodybuilders to build muscles. 

There is one thing to remember about taking trenbolone. A lot of people start coughing after injecting the drug. It stays for like a couple of minutes. 

But it is normal. So, don’t get scared if that happens. It is a side effect called tren-cough.

Even trenbolone is also used in animals. Muscle building is the primary aim of using this drug. It also increases hunger. 

There are other functions of Trenbolone as well. These are – 

  1. Increases red blood cell production 
  2. Increases appetite
  3. Increase muscle growth 

Correct Amount of Anadrol, Testosterone and Trenbolone in the Cycle  

Each and every drug from this cycle has an amount dosage. One must take the perfect dosage of each. 

Usually, this cycle is run on a person for a couple of months. Multiple cycles are performed during this time. And the amount of each steroid must be taken very carefully. 

Because you don’t wanna overdose yourself. It might have permanent impacts on your body. 

I will recommend a product that can prevent leaky guts which is a side effect of steroids. 

LECTIN SHIELDThis supplement can support you against the effects of lectins. It also helps to reduce joint pain, ‘Leaky Gut’, and ‘Brain Fog’.

You can try this supplement to ensure a healthy body while on the steroids cycle. 

You will start to see changes in your body after some of the dosages. But the final test tren Anadrol cycle results will come after you complete the dosage. 

So, here’s a standard chart about the number of steroids for the 11 weeks of the cycle. 

Anadrol (mg) Testosterone(mg) Trenbolone (mg) Week

Problems That You Might Face 

Everything comes at a cost in this world. You might build your muscle by taking these three, but it will obviously put a toll on your body. 

You will surely be able to build muscle. Also, It will help you age slowly. But it will cause quite a little harm to your body. 

  1. You might get a lot of acne. Because Anadrol and Trenbolone cause oily skin. Both men and women might suffer from acne. 
  2. You might also suffer from male-pattern baldness 
  3. Both males and females can suffer from breast swelling. 
  4. A growth in facial and body hair can also be seen. 
  5. Sleep problems like insomnia can occur 
  6. You can suffer from numbness 
  7. There can be a pain when the hormone was injected 
  8. Vomiting and diarrhea can also happen
  9. Causes extreme mood swings

Things to Keep in Mind 

Like Anadrol, Testosterone and trenbolone cycle there are other cycles as well. Which a lot of people use to grow their muscles and slow their aging. 

The selection of the cycle completely depends on the user. It varies from beginners to experienced users. Since these supplements have a lot of side effects, one has to choose very carefully. 

One has to be at least 18 years old before he/she chooses these methods. Because taking these supplements before 18 might stunt their growth. 

Before 18, every individual has their own natural growth phase. But if someone injects themselves with these drugs it interferes with the natural process. 

Again the acne caused by these steroids might leave a permanent spot on the skin. It just makes it a very imperfect thing to have as a teenager.

A pregnant woman should not use these steroids. It can gravely harm the fetus’s health. Though is it recommended that a woman must be of childbearing age to inject this. 

Also, your method has to be prescribed. Because it is very risky to take these without any medical help. One wrong step can have a great impact on your body. 

Also, an extra dosage of any of the three can permanently damage your body. Because these things are very sensitive. 

That’s why you need medical help while planning to use this cycle. 


How long can you take Anadrol-50?

You can take Anadrol-50 from 3-6 months. But it is best to consult a doctor while taking it.It is best not to take this for a long time. Because it can have long-term side effects of this med.  Also, it has to be prescribed since it has a lot of side effects on the body. 

Does Anadrol cause water retention?

Yes, it can cause water retention. But it mostly happens when it is taken in high dosage. It can also happen when it is taken for a long period. It can also cause sodium retention.

Does Anadrol cause hair loss?

Yes, Anadrol can cause hair loss. Especially if one is prone to baldness then he/she should avoid Anadrol. By baldness, it means male pattern baldness. People who are at risk of being bald genetically must ignore taking this. 


Hope this discussion helped you with your query about the test tren anadrol cycle. Do consult a doctor before trying out this cycle. And beware of taking an extra dosage. 

Good luck with your muscle building! Did I miss anything? 

Leave a comment below! Have a nice day!

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