Things to Know About True Metrix Error Code E-0 (2022)

True Metrix error code e-0 is a common error code that true Metrix users get. It is without a doubt an issue when it occurs to each other. And you can’t find any solution to the problem anywhere. 

What do you do when you see the True Metrix error code e-0? 

True Metrix Error code E-0 indicates insufficient blood on the test strip. Turn on the True Metrix.  Take another test strip, and prick the side of your finger. Squeeze a little bit. When a drop of blood appears, put the blood drop on the new test strip. The result will appear within a few seconds.

There are other error codes for different issues with True Metrix testing. I have compiled them all in one article for your convenience. 

Let’s cut to the chase then!

True Metrix Error Code e-0

For the True Metrix meter, error code E-0 is the most common error code you’ll see. So, what is it?

Error code e-0 implies that there’s not enough blood on the test strip. 


Remove the test strip. Insert a new test strip. 

Now, Prick the side of your finger. Squeeze your finger to bring out a droplet of blood. Turn on the True Metrix and put the blood droplet in the test strip. 

Wait 4 seconds. The result will appear by then. 

Remember not to squeeze your blood too hard. If you do so, you will have to take another test.   

Other Error Codes of True Metrix 

True Metrix is a widely trusted meter for measuring blood sugar levels. It boasts a whopping 99.6% accuracy rate. So when it displays an error code, something is definitely wrong. 

Different codes indicate different problems. There are solutions for each problem. 

In the next section, I will provide solutions to the error codes. Follow along if your True Metrix meter shows other error codes. 

True Metrix Error Code E-1

Error code E-1 means there’s a temperature fluctuation with the test strip and True Metrix Machine. Either it is too hot or too cold.


Move the test strip and meter to a place where the temperature is 41°F-104°F. Wait until it reaches room temperature. Take the test again. The result will show up in a few seconds now

True Metrix Error Code E-2

Error code E-2 shows when the meter can not detect any sample. Most likely you are using the wrong test strip to test in True Metrix Meter. Another reason is that you have put the blood sample on the strip.


Use a new test strip made by McKesson TRUE METRIX®. Use a larger blood sample to test your glucose level. Put the blood sample at the edge of the test strip.

You will get results within a few seconds.

True Metrix Error Code E-3

Error code E-3 implies a few problems. 

  • The test strip you used was used before
  • You put the sample on top of your strip 
  • The strip stayed out of the vial for too long


  • Use a new strip 
  • Make sure to the blood on the edge of the strip
  • Do not use a test strip that stayed outside for too long

If the error code still shows up, call customer care at 1-800-777-4908. 

True Metrix Error Code E-4

If your True Metrix meter shows E-4 on the screen, there’s an error in the meter.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this problem at home. In this case, you will have to call the manufacturer at 1-800-777-4908. Customer support will tell you what to do. 

At best, you will get a replacement of your True Metrix meter. It means that you didn’t do anything wrong. There was a hardware or software error in the meter.  

True Metrix Error Code E-5

If you see the error code E-5, its either of the problems below:

  • There’s an error in the test strip. Such as, the test strip wasn’t inserted properly, an expired strip
  • The glucose level in the blood is very high. The glucose level has to be higher than 600mg/dL for E-5 to show up.


  • Retest blood with a new test strip
  • Seek medical advice if you experience excess urination, fatigue, or blurred vision.

Call 1-800-777-4908 for customer service if the error code persists. 

True Metrix Error Code E-6

Error code E-6 in True Metrix means that the test strip was removed during the test. This is either because you pulled the test strip. Or possibly a jerking movement may have misplaced the test strip inside the meter. 


  • Take the test again with a new test strip
  • Be careful not to remove the strip before the meter displays the result.
  • Calmly wait for the result to show up on display. 
  • Make sure the strip doesn’t move during the testing

True Metrix Error Code E-9

You try to test your glucose level using True Metrix. You have done everything carefully. The error code E-9 shows up on display.

You take the test again. But the error code is persistent. What does E-9 mean?

Well, when True Matrix shows error code E-9 on display, it means a communication error.


Sadly, there’s nothing you can do to solve this. What you can do is call for assistance from the manufacturers. You may get your True Metrix fixed or they will send you a replacement. 

Low Battery Sign

Do you see a small drained battery sign on the display? This means your battery is low or dead.


This is your reminder to change or recharge your batteries. One battery can hold till 50 tests. So be cautious when your reach closer to 50. Keep additional battery replacement in that case.

Hi or Lo Wrote on Display 

This is a dangerous sign to be on display. If you see Hi or Lo on your display, the glucose is at a dangerous level.

To elaborate, if you see Hi on display, it means the blood glucose level is over 600mg/dL. This is a warning sign for hyperglycemia

And if you see Lo on display, this means that the blood sugar level is below 20mg/dL.

Both are very dangerous for a diabetic person. Extremely low levels of blood sugar can end in hypoglycemia. 

Take the test again. If the sign shows again, immediately go to the doctor. 

Precaution for True Metrix

Carefully avoid the mistakes for the True Matrix test. Because these mistakes can affect the result of True Metrix. So, be very cautious.

Control test

Make sure you perform a Control test before you use the True Metrix for the first time. 

There are three levels of McKesson True Metrix control solutions. Be sure to test with all of them.

The testing method for the control solution is the same. Test it exactly how you test a blood sample. See whether the displayed glucose value and the glucose value on the container are the same. If they are, your True Metrix is functioning properly.

Precaution for True Metrix

More precautions

Finally, there are some more precautions you should follow. This will ensure accurate results.

For accurate testing, keep these precautionary steps in mind:

  • Do not reuse a test strip.
  • Ensure there’s sufficient blood on the test strip.
  • Do not wipe the meter with any liquid.
  • Do not wipe the test strip with alcohol or water.
  • Refrain from putting the second drop of blood to the test strip.
  • Do not use the forearm blood for insulin calculation.
  • Take only one test strip out at a time. Recap the vial fully afterward.
  • Do not take multiple strips out of the vial at once.
  • Make sure to cap the vial properly.
  • Do not use the True Matrix for DIabetes diagnosis.


How do I reset the true Metrix?

Turn off the True Matrix meter. There’s a circular button on top of the meter, find it. Then push the circular button. And hold it down until the complete display appears. You will hear a sequence of beeps for 10 seconds. Turn off the circular button. Now your True Metrix meter is reset.

How do you know if your blood glucose meter is working properly?

You should test the control solution like you would test your blood. Compare the amount of glucose in the monitor to the amount printed on the solution container. The true metrix meter is working perfectly if both the values match.

Does squeezing the finger affect blood sugar reading?

It does. The researchers discovered that excessive pressure on the finger appeared to interfere with correct test results. 5 to 13% of study participants had significantly different blood sugar results due to that.


That’s all from me about True Metrix error code E-0 and additional error codes. 

I tried to provide solutions for every error code in the article.

Was the article helpful for you? We are looking forward to your feedback. 

Till then, see you around!

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