Trulicity Pen Failure – Reasons Behind This And Fixes

Trulicity Pen, also known as dulaglutide, is indeed a great device for type 2 diabetes patients. With this, they can successfully regulate sugar in the blood by bringing it to normal levels. Also, those with heart problems also find this device to be a blessing. 

But sometimes, this pen malfunctions and does not do what it is supposed to. People have no idea why it is happening and what to do to resolve it.

So, what is the reason behind the Trulicity Pen failure and what to do to fix it? 

Trulicity Pen stops working when you don’t use it well and when there are jamming problems. But sometimes, it happens due to the syringe blockage. To deal with this, you can do a few things. 

What are they and what precautions to follow? Keep reading to know!

Why Is The Trulicity Pen Failure Happening? – 3 Reasons!

When the Trulicity pen malfunctions, there might be several reasons behind it. It is important for you to know so that you get an idea of what to do. Plus, you will also learn what not to do with this device in the future.

The reasons are provided below. 

Reason 1: Not Using It Properly

The main reason why a Trulicity pen stops working is not using it the right way. It is crucial for you to read the whole manual first. On it, there will be instructions given on how to use it. For example, the manual explicitly says do not put back the base cap after using the pen. However, a lot of people do this, which results in problems. 

Moreover, people don’t know how to inject it properly. 

In addition, problems also occur when people don’t know how to store a Trulicity pen. Most of them store pens in the refrigerator, which is good. 

But the problem happens when they keep them there for a longer period. The liquid in it gets frozen. People generally just take a pen out from the refrigerator and try to inject it. In this case, the pen won’t work. 

Reason 2: Jamming Problems

Another reason why the Trulicity Pen malfunction is the jamming. Generally, jamming occurs in the plunger and in the spring.

For the injection to work smoothly, the plunger should be depressed. Similarly, that little spring should also move freely to avoid jamming issues. 

Reason 3: Syringe Blockage

When the syringe gets blocked, the Trulicity pen does not work. The medicine will not be then injected into the body, causing frustration. 

Trulicity Pen

What To Do to Fix The Trulicity Pen Malfunctioning?

When the Trulicity pen stops working, there is nothing much you can do. But still, try these things to see if the pen starts working:

Clean The Pen

Sometimes the jamming problem occurs if there is any dirt. However, you can’t clean the whole part after opening the pen. Doing this might make them dysfunctional too. 

It is advised only to clean the needle of the Trulicity pen. If there is any dirt stuck there, cleaning it will get rid of this. The pen might start working again. 

Leave The Pen At room Temperature

If you have kept the Trulicity pen in the refrigerator, then leave it at room temperature. This will slowly bring the liquid temperature in it to normal, and you might be able to then inject it.

Other than these two things, there are not many solutions to Trulicity pen malfunctioning. 

But you can be careful to avoid these problems from happening in the future. 

How To Avoid Trulicity Pen From Malfunctioning?

When the device does not work, it causes real frustrations. However, knowing about what leads to this condition can benefit a lot. 

You can do the following things if you want Trulicity to stay in the best condition. 

Step 1: Use It In The Right Way

One question I often get is, How to use a Trulicity Pen? Well, using a Trulicity pen is not difficult at all. 

Here’s how to inject the Trulicity pen without pain:

  1. Begin by carefully examining the Trulicity Pen. The liquid inside the device should be clear without any particles. If it is foggy or there is a change in color, don’t use such a pen. In addition, check the expiry date mentioned on the cover. If the date is passed, carefully dispose of the pen.
  2. After that, decide where you want to inject the pen. You should keep changing the areas every time. Before injecting, wipe the surface with alcohol or spirit. Then, wait a few minutes for the skin to dry completely. Also, if there is a rash or bruise on the skin, don’t inject it there as well. 
  3. Next, check the indicator of the pen, which should be set to lock. 
  4. Remove the base cap and be careful not to touch the needle.
  5. Put the pen at a 90-degree angle on the skin and then change the lock ring to unlock. 
  6. Hold the pose for about five to seven seconds. The pen will produce a second click sound, and the plunger will become gray. It is the indication that the injection has successfully been done. You will feel just like someone has pinched you. There will not be any pain.  

Step 2: Store It Properly

If you decide to store the Trulicity pen in the refrigerator, then be careful with the temperature. It is recommended to change the temperature of the refrigerator from 36°F to 46°F. Also, don’t leave it there for more than 12 days. 

After 12 days, take the Trulicity pen out and put it at room temperature.

You can also put it at room temperature instead of a refrigerator in the first place. But again, after 12 days of leaving it at room temperature, put it in the refrigerator. 

Step 3: Take Precautionary Measures Seriously

First and foremost, the recommendation of the doctor is a must if you want to use a Trulicity pen. If a doctor has recommended it, then follow these precautionary steps: 

  1. Doctors may advise you to exercise as well when you are taking Trulicity. You should lift one or two dumbbells or go swimming frequently. This will further keep you healthy. 
  2. Check the color of the drug in the pen. It should be colorless without any particles. If it is dusty with particles, don’t inject it. 
  3. It is also essential to sanitize the needle completely.
  4. It is important to keep changing the area of injection. If you don’t, you might end up having an underskin injury.
  5. Don’t ever give your Trulicty pen to someone else. Likewise, don’t use anyone else’s Trulicty pen too. This can become the reason for infection spread.

You must follow these Trulicity Pen instructions to use them properly. 

How Does a Trulicity Pen Work

How Does a Trulicity Pen Work?

GLP1 is a hormone that regulates the sugar or glucose levels in all of us. Recent studies have shown that it might be useful to completely cure diabetes. 

Trulacity pen works by helping this hormone in regulating the sugar levels back to normal. 

Here’s how.

When the sugar level is high, inject the Trulicity pen. The drug in it will be released into the blood. There, it will bind with the GLP1 receptors and activate them. 

In addition, insulin production shoots up as well. It happens due to the beta cells found in the pancreas. This brings down the glucose levels in the blood and provides you instant relief. 

Want to know about Trulicity Pen dose?

It is 1.5 mg per injection, which is enough to cause the impact.

How Long Does a Trulicity Pen Last?

Manufacturers recommend using the Trulicity pen only once. After that, carefully dispose of it because pets or children can go in the garbage. The age of the pen will be the expiry date written on the cover. After that, you can’t use the Trulicity pen. 

What Food To Avoid With Trulicity?

Manufacturers do not recommend you stay away from any particular type of food. Moreover, it also will not cause any impact whether you inject it before or after the meal. 

However, nutritionists recommend that diabetics should not consume sugar and caffeinated drinks. Plus, fast foods and desserts are prohibited too. 

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How Do You UnlockThe Trulicity Pen?

You can unlock the Trulicity pen by simply turning the lock ring. Be careful, though. Don’t apply too much pressure while doing this. 

Where To Inject A Trulicity Pen?

You can inject the Trulicity pen in the abdomen, thighs, or upper arm. Change the area of injection every week to avoid underskin injury. 

How many times can you use a Trulicity pen?

You should not use a Trulicity pen more than once every week. If you do, your sugar levels might drop to dangerous levels, causing you more trouble. 

Final Thoughts

A Trulicity pen is a great device for those who want to bring their glucose levels to the normal range. But sometimes, it malfunctions and does not work. 

People generally don’t know what are the reasons behind Trulicity Pen Failure and what to do. 

Trulicity pen stops working when you don’t use it right and when jamming occurs. But sometimes, syringe blockage also leads to malfunctioning. 

You should use it properly, clean the needle, and leave the pen for some time in your room in this situation. 

Just follow what is written in the manual and use the Trulicity pen without interruption.

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