What Does E-0 Mean on True Metrix? Let’s Find Out!

Are you trying to test for diabetes and your true matrix shows an e-0 message? It’s not only you but also many other people who usually face this problem.

So, you are eager to learn what does e-0 mean in a true metrix? This post will assist you to find out what the message means.

E-0 is an error code which means invalid hematocrit. There are 8 types of error on a true metrix meter. From e-0 to e-6 and e-9 are the errors on a true matrix. Different E means different types of error. It is not usually an internal issue. 

That still leaves some confusion, doesn’t it? To know what is invalid hematocrit, let’s dive into the article. 

What Does E-0 Mean on a True Metrix?

E-0 means invalid hematocrit. The message indicates the error in the red portion of the blood. You can face this issue for multiple reasons. 

While testing your diabetes on a true metrix it’s not usual to face this issue. But if you do, then you have to first identify the reason.

E-0 also can happen for the system fault. Here are some ways to find out the reason and how to resolve the issue. 

What Are the Reasons Behind This Error

If the true metrix shows the e-0 message, then there can be generally 3 specific reasons. Insufficient blood, stripe issue, and system issue. 

Here is a troubleshooting table to find out the specific issue.

Insufficient BloodCheck the strip and find out if the sensor part is wet by the blood. 
Stripe issue Change the strip and check again
Systems errorAfter applying those above two methods still does not resolve the issue? then it is a system issue. 

Do troubleshooting and find out the problem. Follow the instructions in the table. There can be a few reasons for showing this error. 

Reason 1: Insufficient Blood

The true metrix meter needs enough blood to measure glucose. If you do not put enough blood on the stripe then e-0 shows on the display.

There is no specific weight of how much blood does need. But the stripe sensor must cover the blood. Similar to the ozempic pen issues, which you inject to collect the blood. 


If you see e-0 on your true metrix then keep a new stripe. Then put enough blood on it. You can even take some extra blood. But remember, do not take less than the need. 

Again check, and this time your problem will be resolved. 

Reason 2: Stripe Issue

Stripe read the blood and sent the instruction to the true metrix meter. So, stripe plays a vital role in checking glucose. 

A bad stripe can show any type of error on your meter. 


Take a new stripe and check again. Sometimes the whole bundle can be bad. If the new one does the same even that is not enough to be sure. 

Buy a new bundle and try to check it again. If you have the option to return the bad ones then you can save your money. 

Reason 3: System error 

If the above two do not work then the problem is in the system. There can be different kinds of reasons behind system errors. 

It is the same as when the trulicity pen malfunctions. Your true metrix can be damaged for use for a long time. On the other hand, new ones can be bad from manufacturing.  


If you face a system fault issue then call for the assistant. If you have any guarantee or warranty then you can replace it or can get free service.

So check if you have those or not. For the system error, you must have to go to an expert. 

What Does the Other E Mean? 

In a true metrix, there are 8 different “E” and all the “E” means different errors. Here we will mention all the errors in the table for your convenience. You can learn more about that in the future. 

This table will help you to get proper knowledge about the true metrix meter.

Message ReasonSolution
E-0Invalid HematocritRepeat the test with a new test stripe. Use sufficient blood. 
E-1Temperature ErrorOver-cold or overheated is the cause of this error. Keep the temperature between 41-104 F. And retest after 10 minutes.
E-2Sample Not DetectedTest with an appropriate test stripe and do not use an unmatched one.
E-3Used Test Stripe Or Stripe ProblemRepeat test with new test stripe.  Avoid using the used stripe. Used stripe has health threats. 
E-4Meter ErrorReplace repair or call for assistance.
E-5Very High Blood GlucoseTest again with a new test stripe. If the same problem happens again, then call for the assistant. Or communicate with your health consultant. 
E-6Test Stripe Removed During TestTest with a new test stripe. This time do not remove the stripe before completing and displaying the result.
E-9Communication ErrorCall for assistance. 

How to Use True Metrix Effectively? Bonus Tips! 

Here we will present some bonus tips for using the true metrix effectively. We have discussed it with some experts. 

These tips will help you to use true metrix effectively. And you will get accurate results by using these tips. 

Use Management Software

To get some extra features we recommend you to use true metrix management software. You will get more knowledge about the true metrix device by using this software. 

You will find some additional advanced features in the true metrix. It will be handy for your true metrix meter. 

In the future, you will be able to avoid errors in the true metrix meter. And that will help to save some extra cost. 

Same benefits you can get if your HC 12 does not work.

Do Not Hurry

Do not hurry while you will use the true metrix. Give proper time to test. If you do not give proper time then errors can occur. It will ultimately cost more. 

Your test stripe will be wasted unnecessarily. For effective work, do it slowly and carefully.

Do Not Use Used Test Stripe

We have already mentioned in this article the E-3 error. Used test stripes cause that error. But there is another severe concern if you use a used test stripe.

Different types of infection can happen if you use a used test stripe. Blood-infected diseases are very dangerous. That you are inviting by using a used stripe.

Go Through The Booklet

To use your true metrix effectively you should go through the user manual at least once. The manual will help you to use your meter effectively.

You will get proper instructions by reading the manual. And that will help you to save the test stripe wastage. 

If you follow these tips then you will never face any problem with your true metrix. You can also maintain your blood sugar level with various supplements. Triple Blood Balance, Ease Magnesium Spray, etc. are really effective in maintaining the blood sugar level and cholesterol level. 


How do you reset a true Metrix glucose meter?

Switch off the true metrix meter. Press and hold on to the circuit button which is placed on the top. Hold it for around 10 seconds. Wait for the series of beep sounds. When the sound comes out, the reset is done.

How long are test strips good after the expiration date?

It’s 180 days. After opening the box you can use the test stripe for almost 180 days. In some other circumstances, you can even use it more than that. But remember, before using the strips, you must check the condition of the strips. 

What glucose level is diabetic?

The 99ml/dL glucose level indicates that your blood glucose level is normal. Anything more than that is an indication of diabetes. But 100-125 ml/dL is a prediabates stage. 

And the above level is a full indication of diabetes.

How often should you replace your glucose meter?

It depends on the condition and performance of your meter. As long as your meter performs well you do not need to replace your meter. But normally the lifetime of a meter is 5 years. After five years it is good to replace. 

Signing Off 

Well, this is the time for signing off. We discussed all the possible issues you may face while using the true metrix meter. We also clarify what does e-0 mean on a true metrix.

Hope you get the answer to your query. And all the issues you might know we have discussed here were handy.

Kindly share your experience with this article and let us know what important things we missed here. 

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Good Luck!

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