What Happened To Greg Doucette’s Voice: Unveil The Truth!

Greg Doucette's Voice

If you’re an athlete person or have a slight interest in it then you must know Greg Douchette. He has been awarded in his field.

But suddenly everyone is getting sweat thinking about the reasons behind Greg Doucette’s voice change. 

Want to know what happened to Greg Doucette’s voice? 

The main reason behind this is the testosterone hormone. Another reason is androgen level. Greater testosterone cause the vocal equipment to unwind. He gets extremely potent morning wood on days when he experiences his best. When he is not his best hormonally, his words only ring true in his lungs.

We do not know that much detail still. To reach the final conclusion we need to know wholly. 

Let’s get started!

What Happened To Greg Doucette’s Voice: Do You Know? 

Often we are curious about the voice change of Greg Doucette. But do we know what is the reason behind this? Let us know. 

He’s not on TRT, but Greg Doucette’s vocal ultimately depends on his testosterone or other androgen levels. On days when he feels his best, gets very powerful morning wood. 

When maintaining a cycle, you may wonder if taking 400mg test a week is fruitful for you. 

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Greg Doucette tends to feel sturdy chest reverberations whenever he speaks. When he speaks, he feels his words vibrate in his chest. There is a strong bass reverberation. 

When he is not feeling his best hormonally, his words only ring true in his respiratory tract. He is not hallucinating, and we have even recorded his voice in these diverse circumstances. 

And there is a noticeable difference. The best example is how his voice sounds after a particularly strenuous workout or after inhaling dust. The voice loses its bassier vibration, becoming nasally and lacking in power.

We do know that testosterone influences laryngeal muscular muscle mass. Lower testosterone levels may result in the weakening and shrinking of these laryngeal muscles. 

Furthermore, greater testosterone usually means lower cortisol, which may cause the vocal equipment to unwind.

Another user on a distinct hormone optimal solution forum reported the same vocal change. Voice masculinization is one of the most crucial components for people going through the FTM transition. 

The voice is a strong gender signifier. Transformative leadership can be the key to affirming one’s gender identity. 

Some trans men will require testosterone hormone therapy to masculinize their voices. Testosterone involves a physical transformation in the vocal folds, which causes the voice to deepen. 

The effects of hormone therapy vary from person to person. Not everyone will encounter a complete development of the voice. 

However, comprehensive vocal masculinization is conceivable with or without hormone therapy.

Hormonal Effects On Voice Change

Humans’ endocrine systems are closely intertwined with the human voice. Gonadal and thyroid hormones play a prominent part in voice changes. 

And all other hormonal axes play a minimal role in vocal folds. The hormonal influence on voice lasts throughout a person’s experience and differs between males and females. 

Certain professions, such as teachers and singers, are affected by the changes. To recognize an endocrine irregularity with an inexplicable transformation in voice. Physicians should have a high measurement of skepticism.

The use of modern contraception, estrogen, and androgen preparedness impact the modifications along with the clinical manifestations. Long-term androgen use may have a perpetual exogenous hormone effect on the female voice. Also, taking 4-androgen can shut down your body as a side effect. 

Hormone treatment shows a considerable decrease in various factors. It includes frequency response, hoarseness of voice quality, and complexity protruding speaking and singing voices. 

The infringing drug retreat partially reverses the vocal symptoms. The muscular modification, collaboration instability, and proprioceptive disorder are attributed to the irreversible changes. 

Danazol, testosterone, and Deca-Durabolin are among the drugs in question. Oral contraceptives suppress ovulation and have a variety of impacts on voice quality. 

Estrogens cause laryngeal mucosal hypertrophy and stimulate the release of laryngeal glandular cells. Progesterone causes vocal fold dryness and overcrowding just before the menstrual cycle.

Testosterone and connected androgens (also estrogen) instruct the metabolism to be used to construct molecules and tissues. 

Whereas other hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, decompose tissues. And molecules to allow the additional sources of fuel for working muscles.,among other things. 

Rising and remodeling a boy’s tissues into those of a man is no easy feat of physiology. This metamorphosis uses much energy and effective collaboration between the biological, nerve, endocrine and metabolic processes.

T is the site manager of this huge infrastructure venture. Reliant on a team of workers with diverse skills. 

And the right equipment to guarantee the timely delivery of a variety of materials. T assembles a team of hormones to assist him. Including growth hormone, estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormone. 

Because they all have complementary skills. In general, all of these factors influence which tissues take precedence at any given time in life. Like- growth hormone for childhood growth. 

T for muscle development in puberty, and progesterone to support uterine function in pregnancy. The unit can ensure that the right materials are deposited under T’s supervision. They ensure the right times and the right places for male reproduction.

It needs maintenance from the inside out. To evolve the AC filters, patch up the roof, and water the lawn. 

T’s construction companies are of two types. One that necessitates perpetual changes that require little maintenance. And the other that requires ongoing consideration.

The brick-like impacts of testosterone are the justification. Physically switching from male to female (MtF) is so much more difficult than the reverse (FtM). 

Many of the secondary sex characteristics are produced by T during puberty. Such as broad shoulders, square jaw, and greater tallness. These are apparent cues to the male sex and are impossible to prevent, remodel, or decrease.

Health Supplements On Voice Change

Female patients taking androgen supplements may encounter unintentional voice inflexions, most notably a decrease in frequency response. 

Although voice therapy and hormonal treatment may provide some advantages, voice adjustments may be perpetual. Women should be prescribed these medications with caution.

After starting androgen hormone replacement therapy, 9 women experienced a change in their voice. The patients’ average age was 55, and three of them were performers. 

All participants undergo hormone therapy most commonly in the form of a submucosal testosterone pellet. It includes testosterone replacement therapy. 

Six patients (67 per cent) were being considered for menopausal symptoms. One for decreased libido, one for breast cancer, and one for extra muscle building. 

The time it took for symptoms to appear after starting hormone therapy was a mean of 15 months. And it ranged from 0 to 48 months.

The mean Voice Handicap Index-10 was 21. The mean frequency response at a pleasant able-to-speak level was 155 Hz. 

And the mean semitone pitch range was 22 semitones. 2 patients had significantly elevated serum total testosterone levels. 

In six (67 per cent) of the patients, hormone therapy was discontinued, and voice therapy was suggested. 5 patients were brought back for follow-up after diagnosis and reported some open to interpretation advantages.

Vitamins Influence Our Voice

Medication and addictive substances can both have an effect on our singing and effectiveness. Every time read the symptoms to comprehend how they may if at all, affect our everyday existence. 

Taking the recommended daily allowance of a specific nutrient will not harm our voice.

Change Voice Naturally And Permanently

We can change our tones/voices naturally. Most important permanently. 

  • Humming vocal workouts can help you to relax our audio.
  • Lips are buzzing.
  • Trills of the tongue
  • Trills of the tongue opening our mouth wide and gently closing it to loosen your jaw
  • yawning.
  • deep inhalation
  • Massage our throat softly to relax muscle tension.

That is all!


Can hormone levels lighten your voice?

Female hormone treatment administered to menopausal women has no impact on the voice box or vocal tract. Some transgender females may be disappointed by this news. They hoped it would help them make their tone higher or lighter.

What can I drink to change the tone of my voice?

Water consumption can indeed benefit our vocal cords. Water moisturizes our cells though it does not comes in direct contact with our vocal cords. You should also relax your voice, though this will rely solely on the cause of your symptomatology.

Is vitamin C beneficial to the tone?

Yes, vitamin C is beneficial to the tone. Most of the singers are cognizant that Vitamin C can hopefully maintain colds and malware at bay. But know that Vitamin C can also hopefully maintain the vocal methodology durable and strong. Vitamin C is required for collagen formation.


Here is everything about what happened to Greg Doucette’s voice. We have discussed everything in this article.

Now, there will be no more confusion. So, now you know what the role of testosterone and androgen level is in your voice. 

Hopefully, this clears up all your curiosity!

Stay happy!

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