What Happens If I Take Hydroxycut And Don’t Eat?: Is It Risky?

Hydroxycut is one of the most effective supplements for weight loss. You must already know that right? But like you, Many Hydroxycut consumers are trying to avoid food after taking it. But is avoiding food after taking such supplements safe? 

Have you ever thought, “What happens if I take Hydroxycut and don’t eat?” 

Not eating after taking Hydroxycut is very unhealthy. Initially, you will feel, an upset stomach, nausea, jitter, headache, etc. But if you keep doing this for a long, you may suffer from many fatal diseases. That includes liver failure. So eat healthy food after taking Hydroxycut. 

Still not convinced? Let me explain in detail, how not eating after taking Hydroxycut is bad for you. I will discuss the Hydroxycut meal plan and the side effects of this supplement with you. Keep reading. 

What Happens If I Take Hydroxycut And Don’t Eat?

Maintaining the proper dosage of these supplements is alone very stressful. Everyone is busy. Hydroxycut is taken 30-40 minutes before eating for some reason. 

Who has the luxury to wait around to have food 30-40 minutes after taking supplements, right?

That’s why you may think, do you have to eat after taking Hydroxycut? After all, it’s a weight loss supplement. You are only making the formula more effective by not eating. 

But, This idea is absolutely wrong. You should never skip meals after taking Hydroxycut. 

Manufacturers of Hydroxycut themselves suggested eating a meal after 30 minutes after you have taken it. Let’s see what happens if you don’t eat after taking Hydroxycut. 

Stomach Ache

Green coffee extract, apple cider vinegar, and caffeine are all present in significant amounts in Hydroxycut.  It also contains, baobab extract, cardamom, plums, etc.

Ingredients like caffeine and vinegar cause acidity. When your stomach is empty, acidity increases. I cause stomach aches. 


Hydroxycut contains an adequate amount of vitamin B complex. It is best consumed on an empty stomach and is soluble in water. However, If you stay hungry for a long time after taking it, you will feel nauseated. 

However, Hydroxycut also has vitamin D in it. it is soluble in fat.  So, you have to eat your meal containing a little fat after taking the supplement. Otherwise, vitamin D will not be absorbed by your body. You will feel nauseated and have a stomach ache. 

Headache And Jitter

Hydroxycut have a lot of caffeine. Which is to give you an energy boost for a workout. So, you may go for a workout after having it. 

Your body will burn off a lot of fat thanks to that energy. body. Although burning fat is good, not too much.  So, lack of food will easily cause you stomach aches. Also, it will give you jitters. 

Low Blood Sugar & Weakness

If you are going to work out after Hydroxycut, not eating will cause you more harm. A workout of moderate to high intensity without eating can result in dangerously low blood sugar levels. And you will feel weak, and lightheaded. You can even faint.

And that way, you can even injure yourself while working out. 

Liver Failure

What do weight loss supplements do? Hydroxycut and other supplements like this contain Vitamin B and other metabolism boosters. They essentially speed up your metabolism to aid in weight loss.

Metabolism is the capacity of your liver and how fast it can convert food into energy. The liver generates energy by metabolizing fat. Your liver malfunctions if you continue to be hungry after taking Hydroxycut for a long time.

By not eating, Your body will take extra energy from your muscles. Your liver has to take overload to make that happen. 

So, now tell me, can you take Hydroxycut and not eat? I hope your answer is negative. 

an upset stomach

What To Eat While Taking Hydroxycut

As the product suggests, you have to take a meal 30-40 minutes after taking Hydroxycut. And from the above discussion, you know it’s not optional. So, you must eat something after taking this weight loss supplement. 

There are several recommendations you need to comply with.

Drink Water

You become incredibly dehydrated after taking weight-loss supplements like Hydroxycut. Change your habits if you don’t drink a lot of water when taking those pills. It can increase creatinine in your body and end up harming your kidney. 

So, you must drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water throughout the day. 

Eat Healthy 

If you eat excess oil and carb, while on weight loss it won’t benefit you. Try to avoid oily, deep-fried food, excess carbohydrate, etc. 

Switch to healthy snacks like apples, bananas, nuts & seeds, berries, etc. For lunch and dinner choose healthy and easy meals. You can follow the Hydroxycut 1-month meal plan

To lose weight, you must modify your calorie calculation to result in a negative calorie balance. Such as, make a daily deficit of 500 calories for a week. And you can lose up to 1 pound.

For example, You take 1500 calories in a day but burn 2000 calories. You will make a 500-calorie deficit. 

Avoid Coffee And Alcohol

Hydroxycut already has an excess amount of caffeine on it. So taking more caffeine by drinking coffee won’t be a good choice. You can choose decaffeinated coffee over normal coffee. 

Alcohol and soda also lessen Hydroxycut’s effectiveness. Weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut can’t properly be absorbed by your body because of alcohol. 

Also, consuming alcohol can lead to more weight gain. So, avoid drinking soda and alcohol while on Hydroxycut. 

Try to adopt these dietary and drinking practices. And you may get an effective result from Hydroxycut. 

Hydroxycut Side Effects

Hydroxycut and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been rivals for a long. The FDA outlawed using ephedra in weight-loss products in 2004. 

At the time, Hydroxycut contained ephedra. So the manufacturer had to adjust the formula to eliminate it.

Still now, FDA does not approve Hydroxycut. Because even though it changes its formula, it still has numerous side effects. Such as, 

  • It causes nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache
  • Fatigue, palpitation, restlessness, and hypertension are also common side effects of Hydroxycut. 
  • Digestion problems, diarrhea, and loss of appetite have been also reported. 
  • It also causes dehydration and a burning sensation in the urine
  • And in the long run, it can damage your kidney and liver. 

For these side effects, People sometimes suffer from dilemmas about which supplements to choose. So whether to take Dexatrim or Hydroxycut is a common debate. So, if you decide to take Hydroxycut even after these side effects, it’s your choice. 

Hydroxycut Side Effects

Safe Hydroxycut substitute

There are many natural ways to weight lose. But sometimes you don’t have any time to follow those. Also, Natural ways are very time-consuming. In that case, you can choose supplements that have fewer side effects. 

Here are some suggestions for you. 

FLAT BELLY SHAKEIt has been confirmed to promote healthy weight loss. It also preserves normal energy levels and digestion.
BIOMELT PROIt is an effective supplement for losing weight.100% made of natural ingredients sourced from local growers that let plants naturally reach maturity.
LEPTISENSEIt aids in weight loss. For that, it addresses your body’s imbalances and reestablishes your normal metabolism.

Or you can other supplements of your choice with fewer side effects. But no matter which supplement you take, Alway follow the dosage and recommendations. Never skip meals. 

But if you don’t wanna take supplements and switch to the natural way, there are options. Such as, 

  • Do weight loss workouts instructed by your trainer. 
  • Running, swimming, and cycling are really good options for losing weight. 
  • Decrease your calorie intake. You should burn more calories each day than you consume.
  • Eat less carbs and stay away from fried foods.
  • Steer clear of soda, alcohol, and other processed foods.
  • Try green tea, apple cider vinegar, bitter oranges, etc. They aid in weight loss and metabolic stimulation.

This way you can lose your extra weight without risking your health. 


Can You Lose Weight By Just Taking Hydroxycut?

Supplements like Hydroxycut are only an aid for losing weight. You can’t expect to lose weight just by taking Hydroxycut. You also have to go for a workout. Additionally, you have to avoid rich food and maintain a balanced diet. Hydroxycut will help you in losing weight just after that.

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month Using Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut helps you lose weight by 5 – 10 pounds in a month. It is an average result found by different reviews and research. But it really depends. You must follow the proper dosage and other workout and dietary instructions. 

What Happens If You Take Too Much Hydroxycut?

It will cause caffeine overdose in your body. An excessive intake of caffeine can result in anxiety, breathlessness, and irregular heartbeat. The average person shouldn’t consume more caffeine than 300 mg per day. Also, It can cause kidney and liver damage. 


Now you know,  What happens if I take Hydroxycut and don’t eat. I sincerely hope you learn from this mistake and eat something after taking it. Additionally, remember to stay hydrated at all times when using Hydroxycut.

I hope you get your anticipated result without any side effects. Stay healthy and have a good day.

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