What Percent Of The Population Can Bench 315?

Percent Of The Population Can Bench 315

Bench press is a very engaging exercise for your body. It helps build strength and improve endurance. Not only that it helps tone the muscles of your whole body. 

315 lbs is considered a very tough bench press. While it may be easier for competitive athletes to lift as so, it is a lot harder for normal people.

So, exactly what percent of the population can bench 315? 

It is said that less than 1% of the people can actually bench 315lbs/145kgs. Generally, experts who have been practising for some time now are able to achieve this target. Moreover, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to bench press 315 lbs. 

Still, want to learn more about bench pressing 315 lbs? Let us look at how rare it is to bench 315 lbs and how to do so. 

How Rare Is a 315 Pound Bench Press?

A 315 bench press has been of much debate amongst gym enthusiasts for quite a while now. Fewer than 1% of people can bench 315 lbs/145 kgs, according to statistics.

Experts who have been training for a long time, on the other hand, appear to be capable of achieving this goal. Benching 315 pounds with good form and diet is not difficult, according to bodybuilders, athletes, and other gym goers

Dicover if taking 15 reps and 3 to 4 sets applications cater to 315 pound bench presses. Most would lower down the rep times to cope up.

Is 315 lbs A Good Weight to Bench? 

Many people have expressed their opinions on this matter. It seems that most people do consider it impressive to bench 315 lbs. 

However, physically whether it is a good bench or not depends. In this matter, weight, gender, and age hold a massive impact. 

Expertise also matters. As a new gym-goer, lifting something as heavy as 315 pounds is going to be extreme. For an advanced, frequent bencher, weighing more than 242 lbs, lifting 315 pounds would be easier.  

For the right weight class, 315 is a very good bench. It takes a lot of dedication, patience and determination to reach that target. Building up consistently to gradually lift 315 lbs is considered very impressive. 

However, as a powerlifter or someone over 300 lbs weight, it is normal. For someone who is already around 300 lbs, lifting 315 shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you are taking plenty of raw or boiled eggs as part of the diet program.

As mentioned before, lifting 315 varies greatly on weight class and expertise. 

For a trained expert, it is considered normal. For an intermediate bencher, the progress and achievement are very impressive.  

How Much Do You Need To Weigh To Bench 315?

Benching 315 lbs depends heavily on weight and, of course, level of expertise. 

An advanced athlete can lift twice as much as a regular/beginner. 

It is very important to weigh what is within your limit. Jumping straight to lifting 315 at a lower weight class may cause serious injuries. Gradually build up the pounds you can lift before moving to something as high as 315. 

Weight class and bench performance vary greatly with gender. This is why we have broken down the bodyweight required to bench 315 by gender below.


Generally, men are known to lift more than women. Men usually perform their best during their 20’s and 30’s. This is the prime time for them to build up their bench press weight.

An advanced athlete can lift 315 lbs at 242+ pounds body weight.

Athletes with lower body weight can lift much less. You should not attempt to lift 315 at that bodyweight. Work to increase your bodyweight first before increasing your bench weight.

Here’s a table that discusses the average bench press by weight for men:

Body Weight (lbs)BeginnerAdvanced Expert


While it is already rare for men to hit 315, it is a lot harder for women. 

Women can lift significantly less compared to men. This is due to the higher upper body strength that men have. 

However, the bench press is known to be a great exercise for women. As it works on the whole body, it helps develop strength throughout the body. 

It is a lot harder for women to hit a 315. Some take years. But with dedication and the right build-up, you can do it!

Body Weight (lbs)BeginnerAdvanced Expert
How Much Do You Need To Weigh To Bench 315

What To Do To Increase Your Bench Press?

In order to be able to bench 315 lbs, you need to gradually build up your bench press. It is hard, but not impossible. Consider the things to do to increase bench press weight

Let’s look at some ways we can increase weight class to be able to bench 315 lbs.

Gaining Weight

As we have seen before, to lift 315 pounds you need to be of a certain weight. If under that it will be very hard and risk serious injuries. 

It is known that gaining weight is a lot harder than losing it. If not done properly, it can be unhealthy. It is important to gain weight with a proper diet and plan. 

Don’t skip your greens. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Have a fair portion of healthy carbs and protein. This will help you build lean muscles.

Make sure to always stay hydrated and drink enough liquids.

Build Up Gradually

Do not jump straight to a heavier set. Start slow and increase weight slowly. This will get your body get accustomed to the pressure. 

Always remember good things take time. Rushing into it will only result in injuries.

Don’t Overdo It

It is advised to push yourself but to a certain limit. Don’t push yourself to the point of overdoing something. 

Take a day or so off every other day. It is not necessary to practice every day. Give your muscles a break.

Practice Proper Form

One of the most important parts of any exercise is proper form. An improper form will result in injuries and exert more energy than required. 

Make sure to keep your feet flat on the floor. Press your shoulders to the bench and keep proper grip width. 

Exhale as you lift the weight and inhale and you descend. Always pause when descending. 

Once you master the proper form it will be much easier to move to a higher weight.

Increase Weight

Keep your reps between 5 to 8 in each set. Meanwhile, increase the weight you lift. 

This will help you reach your goal faster. 

However, do not move to another weight before getting comfortable with the current one.  

Don’t Lose Hope

Increasing bench press requires a lot of dedication and patience. You have to be consistent with your effort and workout. 

Yes, there will be bad days. 315 lbs are huge and will take a lot of effort to reach. 

But always remember your goal and how you have to achieve it. Be patient, consistent, and confident.   


What is a decent bench press?

A decent bench press varies for everyone. A 200-pound man can lift twice as much as a woman. At the same time, a 200-pound elite athlete woman can lift more than an amateur man. Respectable bench press depends on age, gender, size, and more. 

Does height matter in bench press?

No, height does not matter in a bench press. A shorter person with the right weight can lift more than a taller skinnier person. What matters is proper technique and weight class. 

Why is my bench weak?

Access your performance and try to understand where your weak point is. Don’t jump to a higher weight and slowly build up to it. Research proper techniques and apply that as best as you can to your routine. Make sure you are lifting what is appropriate for your weight class. 

Bottom line

I hope you’re clear now regarding what percent of the population can bench press 315 lbs. It’s a very big bench press. Only a certain percentage of the population can achieve it. 

More so men than women. 

But that does not make it impossible to do so. Follow the tips mentioned above and you should be able to achieve your goal. 

Happy Lifting!

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