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If anyone interested in weightlifting researches the average weight of bench pressing they would find different views. But it is different if one were to excerpt more from their own capabilities. And they would want to know in detail. 

Bench pressing 300 pounds is quite a rare feat. And it is natural to wonder how many people would be able to do it on average.

What percentage of guys can bench 300?

A popular census indicates that only 1 out of 3000 can bench 300 pounds. But the details are differently measured. It is a rare feat. And only a handful of people would be able to do it. In the case of people with higher body weight, it is more common. And it is rarer in people with less body weight. 

So, now we will go over the fact of what percentage of people can benchpress 300 pounds.

What Is The Average Of A Bench Press?

It might be difficult to determine an accurate average for any weight lifting or physical achievement. It would not be accurate to describe these situations using the word “average.” 

Because individuals with different types of bodies are capable of producing varying degrees of force. It is stated that a man with a medium build can lift a certain amount. this man has the ability to lift between 120 and 130 pounds. This is on average. 

However, this average proportion is calculated with an assumption. The assumption is that the average person has a build that is somewhere in the middle. And is well versed in the art of lifting weights. 

Or does it involve athleticism? If we want to get an accurate representation of the population as a whole. However, we need to measure how much the typical person can lift. They will, of course, lift less as a result. 

A man who is in a weight class above his, on the other hand, will have a different average. An average for this class, lifting weight is much higher than those statistics. As a conclusion to this section, we will explain the averages. 

We can state that the typical amount is the average. The average weight that a person of a lower weight class can bench press is sixty pounds. If they do not engage in appropriate weight training. Or have no prior experience in the sporting realm. 

On average, a person with a physique similar to that of a medium will be able to lift 100 pounds. This is in the absence of any prior experience with weight training or athletic competition. 

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A man of the same weight class who has previous expertise carrying heavy objects is different. He would be able to safely live at approximately 120 or 130 pounds. And last but not least, someone who belongs to the heavyweight class is strong. And can lift more than 140 pounds.

So, this was the average rate of bench press for average people has been explained in this part. Now we will move on to answering the main question. That is what percentage of people can benchpress 300 pounds.

Is Benching 300 Pounds Normal?

So, if we want to answer, if benching 300 pounds is normal we would have to go into detail. A weight of 300 pounds is not considered to be normal or average. 

It is really odd for folks of a medium build who have never done it before to bench 300 pounds. That too without any prior expertise. However, it should not come as a surprise that persons who are of a higher weight class can do it. 

They are able to bench press more weight. People who have a high weight count have a greater risk of developing this condition. Therefore, it should come as no surprise. That those who are in a higher weight class can bench 300 pounds. 

However, what percentage of people in the heavier weight class are able to complete the task? And is this to be expected? Those who lift weights regularly and have prior expertise with the activity are qualified to perform it. 

It is likewise the case with those who use steroids, whether they get them legally or illegally. Be it UGL or steroids. To tell you the truth, bench pressing 300 pounds is not something that most individuals can do. 

Another point of note is that individuals who use proteins or supplements are different as well. They gain and exert strength in a different manner. So, bench pressing 300 pounds for individuals using any supplements is more common for clear reasons.

It is pretty rare. And it requires folks to have a tremendous amount of strength. So, the question is clearly answered. Whether or not it is normal to bench press 300 pounds has been answered here.

Now we will go over the percentage of people who are able to bench 300 pounds.

What Is The Percentage Of People Who Can Bench 300 Pounds?

The chest muscles are the primary focus of the exercise known as the bench press. Additionally, it has an effect on the lifter’s biceps. Whether you have one barbell or two dumbbells. Therefore, as was stated earlier, this achievement is more likely to be accomplished by bigger people. 

People who have a higher weight class have a higher output of strength. If we have to take into account the bigger percentage. However, the number of guys who can bench press 300 pounds is approximately 0.00066 per cent. 

This information comes from a census that was carried out in 2012 at a high school. This was a survey in which the students were surveyed. And only two pupils out of three thousand were able to accomplish this goal. 

However, this did not include people who had previous experience with weight training. Therefore, if we were to look at those who already had expertise in lifting weights. We would see a different story. It can be different in the case of athletes as well. 

The average percentage of persons who go to the gym and lift weights is 15 per cent. These individuals are included in the study. And the percentage is 12 per cent for those that compete professionally in their sport. 

These figures, on the other hand, are based on the most recent Census. And comprehensive censuses were carried out in the United States. Moreover, these numbers can be different for other countries. 

Owing to the fact that persons of various ethnicities have varying levels of physical prowess. These are also depending on genetics. And depending on all of these factors the results of this percentage will surely change.

So, in this section, we have responded in great depth to the question posed in the heading. Now you know what proportion of people is capable of performing a bench press with 300 pounds.


How much weight should a person who is 17  years old bench press?

The typical bench press for a male aged 17 is equal to 1.2 times his body weight. The typical amount that a female of her age can bench is equal to 0.8 times her body weight. For a woman, 35-63kg and for a man 63-109kg weight is required for bench press. 

Is a woman who can bench 225 pounds considered impressive?

A 225 pounds bench press for a woman under 200 pounds is an exceptionally-advanced or elite-level lift. If you are a woman and you can perform 225 repetitions, you have the strength to compete at a professional level in powerlifting.

How much additional time is required to move from bench 315 to bench 405?

It takes about 4 years to move from bench 305 to bench 405. You need to increase your weight to gradually be able to do higher benching. Typically under 200 pounds, you can bench press 315 pounds. For 365 pounds bench press and higher you need to be over 200 pounds. 


So, now we are at the end of our article. And we hope that we have cleared out the issue of what percentage of guys can bench 300. 

So, to conclude we expect that our information was satisfactory and your confusion is gone.

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