What Should I Eat After Not Eating for 3 Days- Details Explained

What to Eat After Not Eating for 3 Days

How’s starving for 3 days treating you? Are you feeling extremely hungry? Or, does nothing seem tasteful to you?

However you feel, you have to be cautious with your food intake. If I were in your place I would be watchful about it. 

Then,  what should I eat after not eating for 3 days?

Well, I would eat soft and light food after not eating for 3 days. Food like porridge, boiled vegetables, oatmeal, and chia help a lot. Remember, you must avoid fast food, heavy food, or any acidic food at this stage. It’s all about slowly rejuvenating your body. So, be mindful of it. 

This is just a glimpse of what to eat. By reading the whole article, you’ll get to know more than that. So, if you want to be cautious about your body, continue reading. 

Some good stuff is waiting for you! 

What Happens in Your Body after 3-Days of Starvation?

What Happens in Your Body after 3-Days of Starvation

Before you ask, you must understand the position your body is in now. Some common symptoms are not feeling hungry, having bad breath, and losing weight.

Let me tell you why this happens.

  • No Signs of Hunger

Our body releases Ghrelin, a type of hormone that invites hungriness. Fasting for 3 days straight reduces the secretion of Ghrelin. As a result, you’ll feel less hungry over the days of fasting.

  • Bad Breath

Now, you’ll notice that you might have bad breath after not eating for 3 days. This happens when your body starts ketosis. 

Ketosis is a chemical reaction that happens in the lack of glucose. Not eating food means you’re not inputting enough glucose for the body. At this time, the body uses fat cells to produce enough energy. 

This brings us to the most crucial point – you’ll feel drained out. 

  • Drained Out Body

Well, you know glucose helps in creating the energy your body needs. Basically, your body requires sugar. But how would it get that while fasting?

This is when the body starts a process called gluconeogenesis. In this process, the body takes the non-carbohydrate elements and turns them into glucose. 

Your body goes into power-saving mode. You know how your phone goes to battery-saving mode! Just like that. 

That’s why you feel drowsy during this period. Your heart rate goes down. Also, the blood pressure decreases. 

So, now you understand what your body is going through. It’s time to nourish your body. 

Here’s what you should eat after not eating for 3 days consecutively. 

What to Eat After Not Eating for 3 Days?

What to Eat After Not Eating for 3 Days

Not eating for 3 days has made your body slow. Your body isn’t functioning in the normal way now. That’s why you have to be a bit selective about the food intake this time.

Here’s a list of food types you can take after 3-day fasting.

1. Bland Food

If you’re a fan of spices, I’m sorry – you’ll have to start with bland food.

It’s because bland foods work best for breaking a long fast. It helps the body to slowly absorb the nutrition and go back to its previous state.

Food like boiled vegetables and fresh fruit work like a charm. Small portions of rice, porridge, and broth are also good for a start. 

2. Light Food

You can also select light foods for your fast break. These will minimize heartburn and keep your body functioning. 

Some good examples are crackers, water, nuts, chia, oatmeal, and quinoa. 

3. Soft Food

Another way to make your food easily absorbable is to make your food soft. You can steam your veggies to the point they get slightly mushy. 

For this, you can use spinach, potatoes, broccoli, and any other leafy vegetables.   

4. Calcium-Based Food

Having calcium-based food also acts as a great source of nutrients.

Now, why am I aiming for calcium here?

It’s because calcium helps in building bone and muscle strength. Your body is already weak from intermittent fasting. By taking calcium, you’ll get back on your feet. 

Now, yogurt and skim milk are very good sources of calcium. 

You can also get a few grams of calcium in mayo. But there’s a debate whether mayo has protein or not. Anyways, mayo isn’t a healthy option for breaking fast.

I hope this answers your question – what should I eat after not eating for 3 days. But you should also know how to reintroduce food after starvation. 

Like I said before, you have to prepare your body to function in its previous state. 

So, keep reading to know the ways of taking food after a 3-day fast. 

Tips to Remember Eating Food After Starving for 3 Days

Make sure you maintain the following methods of taking food. This applies for all the food I mentioned above.

  • Start with smaller bites or portions. Don’t force-feed yourself a giant helping. 
  • Eat slowly.
  • If it’s hard for you to eat, chew sugarless gum. It’ll help build your appetite.
  • Try to make your food look fabulous. Don’t let the bland food take away your inspiration. 
  • Try to have soft food for the first few meals. 

Actually, the main idea here is to slowly introduce food to your body. It’ll help your body prepare for taking heavy food in. 

Now, you must also remember to avoid a few food categories in this stage. I’ve included this segment just in case you mess up your food intake. 

Here’s what you shouldn’t eat. 

Food to Avoid After Not Eating for 3 Days

Food to Avoid After Not Eating for 3 Days

When you’re eating after not eating for a while, it takes time for your body to adjust. So, you can’t eat any food that’ll react badly. 

Take a look at the list of foods below to avoid eating after fasting:

  • Heavy Food

Never try heavy food right after breaking a long-hour fast. I’m talking about foods that have high starch content.

Some examples are potatoes, cake, steak, pork chops, chunky peanut butter, etc.

  • Fast Food

You already know how fast food isn’t good for your health. Fried food is not healthy at all. And if you take them after 72-hour fasting, your body won’t be able to take them.

So, yeah, avoid all kinds of fast food. This includes burgers, pizzas, and french fries. You know the drill!

  • Acidic Food

Here’s another type of food you should avoid completely – foods that produce acids! 

Acidic foods will make you feel unwell. It’s because acidic components react when they reach an empty stomach. 

So, I’ll suggest avoiding foods like bacon, lemonade, tomato sauce, etc. 

  • High-Energy Food

Many people think that you must eat high-energy food after fasting. But that’s actually more harmful to your body. 

So, never take protein bars, energy drinks, and high-calorie protein shakes right after you break your fast. 

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For others, you have to build a slow calorie intake procedure. It’ll help your body to heal quickly. 

Now, here’s the scary part. 

You might be seeing some irregularities in your daily life. Yes, 3-days fasting might have some side effects on you. 

 Take a look at the following segment. See if you can find any similarities!

Not Eating for 3 Days Side Effects

So, you’re saying I have no appetite and feel sick when I eat. This is a side effect of not eating for 3 days. But there’s more than that. Check if you’re facing any of the side effects:

  • Hair Loss
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Weak Immune System
  • Gastroparesis
  • Heart problems
  • Dry Skin
  • Low Blood Sugar

These are the possible side effects you might face fasting for 3 days. So, I would suggest consulting a doctor before you start 3-day fasting. 


  • Are eggs good to break a fast?

Yes, eggs are good to break a fast. The reason is eggs are full of nutritious value. You’ll find all the necessary nutrients here like proteins, minerals, and vitamins. As fasting makes your body weak, eggs help to gain back that strength. That’s why you can keep eggs in your diet after fasting. 

  • What’s the longest you can go without food?

Surprisingly, the longest you can go without food is up to 21 days. Yes, your body can function without food and water. But it would be impossible to live after 2 months of water deprivation. It also depends on body type. Weaker bodies might not be able to survive after 8 days of starvation.  

  • Can a 3 day fast reset your immune system?

Yes, a 3 day fast can reset your immune system. When you’re fasting, your body drains out all the toxic cells. At this stage, your body only lives with the glucose and fat inside the body. So, harmful toxins get damaged regularly. As a result, it rebuilds your immune system. 


Now you know the answer to “what should I eat after not eating for 3 days?” Be mindful of the food you take right after breaking fast. Hope this article will help you rejuvenate. 

Leave a comment on how your food intake went. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a good day! 

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