When Can I Eat Cereal After Gastric Sleeve? [Explained]

Gastric Sleeve is a very efficient way for reducing weight. It makes your stomach size 70-80% smaller. So, your consumption of food becomes less. 

But to what extent will your consumption go? You might have millions of questions regarding what you can eat after gastric sleeve. 

Let’s start with breakfast right? Bored having oatmeal as your daily breakfast? Wanna have cereals as your breakfast?

So, let’s know when can I eat cereal after gastric sleeve.

You can have cereal after 3-4 weeks of the gastric sleeve. But first, you need to follow different stages of the diet. Also, there are restrictions on different kinds of cereals as well. The best way of having the cereal will be to soften the cereal with low-fat milk. 

Now that you know the explanation, you should take a peek at the particulars. We’ve prepared all the details for you. So hop on. 

When Can You Eat Cereal After Gastric Sleeve?

After gastric sleeve, your diet is kind of strict. Well, you have 20-25% of your stomach right now. So, you know you have to consider some cut-offs.

You can have cereals after 5 weeks of the gastric sleeve. Usually, after 1 month of the surgery, you can start having normal foods.

However, you cannot have intakes more than 100 calories. Rather you can have 5 meals containing 100 calories.

You must be wondering what my diet will be after 1 month.

Well, after having the gastric sleeve surgery you have 4 stages of the diet.

Stage 1: Only Water

Stage 1 diet includes water only. This continues for like 3-4 days after the surgery. Some surgeons suggest not having water after the surgery.

You should not consume water in the initial 3-4 hours of the surgery. But after that, you are good at having water.

Did you pass this stage successfully? Then find the stage you are in, in the following mentioned stages.

 Stage 2: Full Liquid Diet

Here, you can have liquid only. This stage continues from 3-15 days after the surgery.

The diet contains liquids like shakes and yogurt. Although you can have oatmeal in your breakfast.

Oatmeal with low-fat milk is suggested. You can also have broth and different kinds of juice.

Read along to know about stages 3 and 4 as well.

Stage 3: Pureed Food Diet

In this stage, you can have normal food containing low carbohydrates and fats. Still, in this stage try avoiding cereal.

But you can have meat that will be pureed. You make your food in such a way that you can sip it with a straw.

This processing of food is suggested because your stomach cannot ingest much. So, you shouldn’t set stress on your tummy.

Well, there’s one more stage where you can have anything as you used to. Read along to know about it.

Stage 4: Soft Food Diet

In this stage, you don’t need to puree your food anymore. Here you can have your cereal as well.

So, there are some cereals you can have. Here is the perfect amount of everything for a cereal breakfast:

  1. Protein cereal (10 gm)
  2. 2% low-fat milk
  3. ½ banana

You can have any kind of food. You don’t require to create your meals puree anymore. Cheese, starch, soups, and sauces can be consumed in this stage.

At this point, your stomach has already healed. And you will feel full after consuming a little amount of food.

One thing you should ensure is you must maintain a calorie calculation for your day. That’ll help you keep track of your dieting schedule.

By the way, don’t ignore to reset the calorie count.

You should pay attention to the strict diet stages that’ll help you lose weight.

Now that you know about all the stages of diet after your surgery. Hope you know when to have cereal.

What Kind of Cereals Can I Eat After Gastric sleeve?

There are a thousand types of cereals on the market. All with different tastes and calorie potions. But if you are really into cereals here are some cereals that’ll be good for your breakfast.

  1. Special K by Kellogs
  2. Honey nut cheerios
  3. Reeses cereal
  4. Kashi go, Crunch

However, you cannot have it all. You cannot eat any type of cereal you want after gastric sleeve.

If you ask why can’t you have any cereal?

Well, the purpose of the operation gastric sleeve is to be slim. To get rid of obesity. So, to do that, you got to cut off carbohydrates.

Cereals have a good amount of nutrients but carbohydrates are large in number. These carbohydrates can sabotage your weight loss project.

Because high sugar might sabotage your mission of losing weight. You don’t want to have anything that’ll sabotage your weight loss, right?

Although if you gain weight nevertheless, you can use the Resveratone diet. This is a conventional Japanese herb complex that assists with weight losing in just weeks.

So. Let’s move on to the foods you shouldn’t have after gastric sleeve. 

Foods You Should Avoid After Gastric Sleeve

After gastric sleeve, you must be worried about what to eat and what not to. It’s pretty obvious of you to have these questions.

You might be wondering even you can eat like before or not. Here’s the thing, you don’t worry just keep reading you’ll get your answers.

We’ve made a proper list of food items you should not have after gastric sleeve. 

After a gastric sleeve, almost 70-80% of your stomach will be gone. So, it cannot function the way it used to do before. 

After coming home from the clinic, you have to harbor the 3-4 phases of the diet. We’ve already mentioned that before. But there’s a necessity of getting proper nutrition and losing your weight parallelly.

The most common mistake of a gastric sleeve patient is when they pass stage 4. Once, they start having solid food they start having all. 

But you won’t do it, cause you will know what to avoid once you finish stage 4.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about what to avoid after gastric sleeve

Food With Zero Calories

After the gastric sleeve, your stomach will be the size of a potato. So, you need to ensure whatever goes in your stomach must have enough nutrition.

Enough nutrition it is meant that you should choose foods having healthy calories. Foods like rice cakes, chips, pastries, and bakery items.

Having these meals might vandalize your weight loss. These foods might cause nausea, cold sweats, and weakness.

Sometimes this food causes indigestion. In that case, you can have a Flat Belly Shake. Flat Belly Shake is a powerful and unique blend. It is established to support beneficial weight loss and to support nutritional digestion and power levels.


Alcohol is really high in calories. We don’t recommend you have this as part of your post gastric sleeve diet. 

Alcohol takes up a lot of valuable space on your stomach. Which will cause your stomach to get full. Without any valuable nutrients.

It’s more reasonable to include 2 liters of water every day in your diet. You should also avoid the regular intake of caffeine and sugar. 

Dry Foods

The practice of not having water 30 minutes before or after of meal is really important. This practice is very efficient for losing weight. 

So, waterless foods are not advised to consume. Also, these are hard to swallow without water. Although you can try having these in small portions.

Try to know how your body reacts to these foods. If the response is suitable for you, you can consume it in little portions.  

Cold and Hot Drinks

Drinks containing sugar or caffeine must be avoided after gastric sleeve. Drinks like coke, soda, sprite, cappucino, and other caffeinated drinks.

You should have water, no sugar drinks, decaffeinated coffee, and tea is the best option. Caffeinated drinks direct to dehydration. As you have a small stomach so it’s better to avoid drinks like that.

Fat-Enriched Food

Fat-enriched food is the last thing you want to have right now. Your whole gastric sleeve operation will be sabotaged by this kind of food.   

Skip foods like sausage, nuggets, bacon, cheese, and steaks. Rather have low-fat meats, lean beef, chicken, and low-fat cheese. 

These 5 kinds of foods are better to avoid after you had a gastric sleeve. They will sabotage your mission to a healthy figure.

So, that’s all you require to learn about what to detour after gastric sleeve. 


How long after gastric sleeve can I eat toast?

For the first 8–10 weeks after the operation, bread is not advised. Bread, rice, and pasta might turn into a paste in your food track due to their starchy nature. It can be a concern after surgery because they are difficult to swallow without fluids.

What can I eat for breakfast after bariatric surgery?

A satisfying breakfast should be thoughtfully arranged for people recovering from weight loss surgery. Include a lean protein, such as egg whites or a dairy product with no added fat. Vegetables can also be eaten with a modest bit of fruit or whole grain.

What are considered soft foods after gastric sleeve?

Following bariatric surgery, you will move to a more solid diet during this time. Soft meat, fish, chicken, cereals, steamed vegetables, and fresh and canned fruits can all fall under this category. Eat high protein items first during meals and incorporate them into your diet.


We hope by now you got to know when can I eat cereal after gastric sleeve. Try to follow the diet stages strictly after gastric sleeve. Cause this is important for you to follow the diet.

After some time when you get used to the new stomach, try to have workout sessions. Have morning walks, this will help you through the process.

If you have any queries let us know in the comment section. Till then take care. 

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