Which Is Better Hydroxycut or Dexatrim? – Explained!

Concerned about shedding some weight? But you’re not sure which supplements to pick. Yeah, we can understand.

However, we are here to guide you in picking which option is better for you.

So, wondering which is better Hydroxycut or Dexatrim to lose some extra weight?

Hydroxycut will help you lose more weight. But you need to be active and stick to a low-calorie diet. For Dexatrim, there are no components in the product to “burn body fat” directly and independently. While Hydroxycut is in the more affordable range, Dexatrim is more expensive for your pocket. 

Don’t be puzzled. Nothing to be concerned about! We’ll give you with a complete analysis of the differences. so that you can select your option based on your needs.

So let’s get to the meat of the matter.

Dexatrim vs Hydroxycut Supplementary – Quick Look

There are several medications, drinks, and supplements available that promise to help with weight loss. But what about efficacy and safety?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that weight loss supplementary producers rarely perform any studies. Where they can prove that their products absolutely safe to consume. 

Let’s give a quick look into the major factors that should consider between Hydroxycut and Dexatrim. 

ProductsPills, Capsules, Shakes, GummiesDexatrim diet pill, Capsule, Green tea, Energy drink
Active IngredientsRobusta coffee extract, Apple cider vinegar, Plum, Baobab extract, Cardamom, CaffeineCaffeine, Green Tea extract, Asian (Panax) ginseng root, DHEA
Drug InteractionsAntibiotics, Diabetes medications, Asthma medications, AntidepressantsCardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Psychosis, Glaucoma, BHP
Side EffectsJitters, headache, nausea, stomachaches, liver injuryAcne, hair loss, facial hair growth, a deeper voice in women, stomach upset, high blood pressure
PriceBetween $20 to $30Between $23 to $60

This quick comparison should assist you in determining which supplementary is best for you. If you want to get insight from it. Let’s jump into the in-depth details first. 

So here we go! 

 Hydroxycut or Dexatrim: In-depth Illustration

Hydroxycut and Dexatrim products are a very popular series of weight loss dietary supplements. These over-the-counter weight loss supplements make promises about suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. 

They can boost your immunity and are a fantastic source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Wait, but still, some of the factors make them different from each other. Obviously, it’ll depend entirely on how you are feeling at the time you plan to have those. 

So, take your time! Read the entire article first, then justify which makes sense to you. Dig a little deeper!

  1. Dietary Supplement Products

Hydroxycut and Dexatrim both are top-rated weight loss dietary supplements. They offer different types of supplementary products like pills, capsules, drinks, etc. 

Hydroxycut weight loss products offer several options. Such as gummies, smoothies, tablets, and capsules. For bodybuilders specifically, several of the products have been produced. It claims to lose weight and expose the muscle cuts and shapes beneath the surface.  

Hydroxycut weight loss

The following are some more Hydroxycut products that may be found on the market:

  • Pro Clinical Hydroxycut
  • Hydroxycut Gummies
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut Drink Mix
  • Cut by Hydroxycut
  • Hydroxycut Black
  • Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Non-Stimulant
  • Hydroxycut Ultra Lean
  • Hydroxycut Max! for Women
  • Hydroxycut Platinum

It’s important to take supplements at the right time when you’re preparing to lose some weight. When taking pills, some people overlook eating their meals. 

It is necessary to take Hydroxycut before your meal in order to avoid negative effects. So, be aware of the effects it will have.

In contrast, Dexatrim medicines are currently available as capsules. Also, it can be found in – 

  • Dexatrim Max Complex 7,
  • Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control
  • Dexatrim Natural Green Tea
  • Dexatrim Natural Extra Energy

To sum up, you have a number of choices from which to choose. Regardless of whether you drink energy drinks, green tea, smoothies, gummies, or pills. They will stand out from others as a result of that.

Here are some other supplements that are also popular right now.

LUMINAEIt is a clinically useful weight loss accelerator.  It includes a patented ingredient that has been shown to triple fat-burning.
BURN BOOSTIt speeds up your weight loss and fat loss. And it also increases your energy. 

Therefore, choosing between Hydroxycut and Dexatrim will be simpler for you.

  1. Active Ingredients

I know what question came to your mind very first, has anyone lost weight on Hydroxycut? Hydroxycut has several active elements that really 

To know how Hydroxycut work, you need to know its main ingredients. Hydroxycut’s primary ingredients include elements like

  • Robusta coffee extract (C. canephora robusta)
  • Apple cider vinegar (Malus pumila)
  • Plum (Prunus domestica)
  • Baobab extract (Adansonia digitata)
  • Cardamom (Amomum cardamomum)
  • Caffeine from coffee extract (Coffea robusta)

The majority of Hydroxycut’s other products, however, they come in various forms. And share the same active components as Pro Clinical Hydroxycut.

This dietary supplement also includes vitamin D, a number of B vitamins. A large amount of vitamin B12 is also present (250 percent of the Daily Value).

Now, it’s time to know what was the active ingredient in Dexatrim. These are the main Dexatrim active ingredients that are found in the products:

  • Caffeine, 
  • Green Tea extract, 
  • Asian (Panax) ginseng root
  • DHEA
  • Phenylpropanolamine (PHP)
  • Calcium, 
  • Magnesium 
  • Chromium

Dexatrim’s ingredients have gone through a lot of controversy over the decades. FDA banned PHP components. Then Dexatrim put it back with ephedrine. Later again in 2003, FDA also banned that substance because of causing serious health issues. 

  1. Drug Interactions

Basically, Hydroxycut may interact with several antibiotics, diabetic meds, asthma meds, and antidepressants. Therefore, if you are currently on any of these medications. You should take these factors into consideration depending on your health condition.

Users of Dexatrim products claim that people who are using antipsychotics or antidepressants. They might also respond negatively. People who are having diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, psychosis, glaucoma, and BPH. 

So, before taking Dexatrim, it’s crucial to consult your doctor. 

Dexatrim users have reported a few instances of drug interactions. To avoid health risks, you should check the list below if you’re using any of these.

  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)
  • Adderall (Amphetamine / Dextroamphetamine)
  • albuterol
  • Align (Bifidobacterium Infantis)
  • alprazolam
  • amantadine
  • Ambien (Zolpidem)
  • amitriptyline
  • cyclobenzaprine
  • Cymbalta (Duloxetine)
  • fluoxetine
  • ibuprofen
  • Klonopin (Clonazepam)
  • Lamictal (Lamotrigine)
  • lamotrigine
  • lisinopril
  • modafinil
  • omeprazole
  • trazodone
  • Zoloft (Sertraline)
  1. What Are The Side Effects Of Using Hydroxycut And Dexatrim?

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut’s present formulation has a wide range of possible side effects. Numerous negative effects of caffeine use have been connected. It includes anxiety, jitteriness, nausea, and diarrhea. 

Hydroxycut Hardcore is a stronger and more concentrated type of caffeine. In reality, the FDA warns against consuming high caffeine doses. Due to the substantial risk of harmful side effects such as heart arrhythmias, seizures, and fatality. 

Dexatrim Max’s daily suggested dose contains between 100 and 200 mg of DHEA. DHEA is a content that causes side effects. Like hair loss, facial hair growth, a deeper voice in women and high blood pressure, etc. 

DHEA use comes with various cautions and restrictions. Like abnormalities with the liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, and diseases and cancers that are sensitive to hormones.

  1. Price

Best Hydroxycut fat burner can be found at a very reasonable price. Between $20 to $30, depending on the quantity, type, and format of supplements. Occasionally, it might change for the convenience of the company policy. Before making any investment, you can check out your local store or online marketplaces

Dexatrim dietary supplements are available for between $23 to $60. Which is considerably high in price than Hydroxycut supplementary products. To more about current prices. Do visit their official sites. 

Hydroxycut and Dexatrim: Pros 

Both Hydroxycut and Dexatrim are excellent supplements for bodybuilders, however, they provide some unique benefits. So allow me to assist you in discovering those benefits. It will make it easier for you to compare. 

Here we go.

Hydroxycut offers extra vitamins like Vitamin D and B vitamins.You might burn more fat if you take Dexatrim tablets.
Each serving of Hydroxycut has fewer than 5 calories and no added sugar. Products may be able to speed up your weight loss.
There is also a caffeine-free variation of the product.Dexatrim might help decrease appetite.
Take one Hydroxycut tablet along with a glass of water. Before your meal, it is just easy as that.These products might improve your metabolism.
There are also instant drink packets available.It can be available in reasonably priced

Hydroxycut and Dexatrim Cons

So, now you know the advantages of Hydroxycut and Dexatrim, right? Then it’s time to know their disadvantages. It’ll definitely help to choose the right one. Let’s have a look into their disadvantages now. 

There is no study on its effectiveness or safety.It might not be appropriate for vegetarians because it contains gelatin.
Very high caffeine contentSome products have high caffeine, which can cause insomnia.
Hydroxycut should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.Due to the vitamin content, Dexatrim products may potentially cause nausea or discolored urine.
Reports of serious adverse effects, such as liver damage.The vitamins in the products could affect your digestion or alter the color of your urine.
Marketing focuses on body size rather than healthThere are artificial colors included.

Final Discussion: Which One to Choose?

It’s confusing to pick between the two. Because the components and side effects of both are more or less the same. Then, what concerns should you weigh in reference to these dietary supplements?

Keep in mind that it will change based on your current medical circumstances. And the medications you are taking.  Also. it’s very important to have a proper meal after taking the supplements. Many people just overlook the importance of eating after having Hydroxycut or other supplements.

Don’t forget to keep in mind your wallet as well as the availability of these supplements. Check your nearby stores or online sites. As Dexatrim seems to be more pricey than Hydroxycut. Decide on whatever is most practical for you.

Please keep in mind that not everyone will endure the same side effects. And don’t forget to check with your doctor first. Before using any of these dietary supplements.


Can Hydroxycut Damage Your Liver?

After an FDA disclaimer earlier in 2009, Hydroxycut withdrew all of its products. FDA charged 23 reports with having serious health issues. It includes liver damage, jaundice, and increased liver enzymes.

Why Did Hydroxycut Get Banned?

Hydroxycut products containing ephedra were banned in the US in 2004 due to cardiovascular concerns. And it was again banned in 2009 due to hepatotoxicity.

Does Dexatrim Still Exist?

The company that owned the brand until Chattem bought it in 1998 was Thompson Medical. Now, it belongs to Sanofi. Over time, Dexatrim’s formulation has undergone significant changes.


We covered a lot in our comparison of Hydroxycut or Dexatrim to see which one is superior. And now it’s time to conclude.

Before taking any supplements, don’t forget to consult your physician. If you encounter any unpleasant symptoms, make an immediate appointment with your doctor. We’re done here for now.

Stay safe and healthy!

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