Why Do Apples Make Me Nauseous? – All I Need to Know!

Feeling nauseous after eating an apple is unusual. You may have difficulty digesting the fruit. 

It all depends on how many apples you eat at once – one or more? 

Whatever the number is we must solve your question – why do apples make me nauseous?

The high fructose contents of apples may make you feel bad in your stomach. Apple has sorbitol that may cause gastric and bloating. You may have digestive issues where high palutin is making you feel nauseous. You need a change in lifestyle choices in order to stay healthy – you must exercise more!

To improve your health, you have to follow instructions. With the right intent by adopting a healthy daily routine, you shall stop feeling nauseous. 

So, by looking at a few reasons, we have some solutions for you.

Reasons Behind Apple Causing Nausea

why do apples make me nauseous

If you are experiencing nausea due to eating apples, you may have a food allergy. Worry not because you are not alone. About 10.8% of the adult US population experiences some kind of food allergy. 

Mostly different people are allergic to the different contents of the fruit. In this context, there are three main reasons why you are experiencing nausea. 

Reason 1: High Levels of Fructose

You might be experiencing stomach aches after eating an apple on an empty stomach. Usually, you should not eat any fruits when you have an empty stomach. 

Symptoms like bloating and stomach aches are common in this context. You digestive system reaction is necessary for this for the foods that you eat. 

A bad digestive system means causing issues with anything you eat such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to cause nausea among many people. This is because of its high acidic contents.

The high levels of fructose in the apple make things worse in the health department. In worst cases, you may start experiencing nausea.  

We shall explain the digestive issues later. For now, we shall discover the side effects of high fructose levels. 

It will come based on the number of apples you have eaten. Normally, one apple does not cause severe problems. You can feelside effects when you eat a lot of apples. 

You can face some side effects due to the high fructose levels in your system.

Remember, if you are having nausea just by eating one apple, see a healthcare professional. There are maybe other health issues you might have!

Ingestion of high fructose can be dangerous. This is because the uric acid production in your digestive system increases. 

With an increase in nucleotide turnover, you shall experience a depletion of the metabolic rate. With a low metabolic rate, you will experience a lack of energy.

Low metabolic rates will also cause fever or headaches or perhaps nausea. 

High levels of fructose also contribute to high blood pressure levels. If it goes extreme, the effect has badly fallen on your heart and other organs.  

Reason 2: Consuming Patulins

 Consuming Patulins

If you are still asking why do apples make my stomach hurt? Chances are the patulin level in the apple you have eaten is high. 

The patulin level of apples increases with more moisture. Storing requires extra effort in case you are living in a humid area. Storing apples somewhere in the house for too long is not recommended. 

Keep your apples nicely stored in the fridge. Check for what other fruits and vegetables you have kept in the fridge. The apples may lose their smell if stored for too long with other stuff.  

This means the apples are containing high levels of patulins. 

Symptoms like gastrointestinal disturbance and nausea are common. Remember, fresh apples do not contain high levels of patulin. It only increases when exposed to moisture.

If you are still asking why do apples make me nauseous? You may have not checked the apple properly when buying them.

Many apples develop high levels of patulin during the harvesting period. You may see that the coloring of the apple is degraded. 

You may see, that some parts of the apple are dark in color. Always avoid apples like those. 

Also, some apples may develop dark colors inside. In this case, you will only notice the color while eating it. As soon as you discover the dark color, throw the apple away!

Reason 3: Having Digestive Issues

You may ask why are apples hard to digest? Probably the problem is not in the apples. The problem lies in your digestive system, you may not be that healthy.

Most common digestive issues include having a bloating effect on the stomach. You also may experience heartburn and perhaps start vomiting. In extreme cases, nausea is very common in people.

Digestive disorders can happen due to many reasons. For example, you may have an overall diet that is low in fiber. Perhaps you are eating too much fast food.

In addition, not having a good eating routine causes digestive disorders. Your body is not receiving enough nutrients at the right time.

Your diet should be organic, especially if you are showing signs of digestive disorders. On top of that, due to gastric in the system, eating apples is making you feel nauseous. 

Stress is another cause of digestive issues. Your workload is not allowing you to sit tight with the right food. Due to too much work pressure, you are overlooking your health. 

Apples and gastrointestinal problems are very related when you don’t have the right diet routine. You have ruined your digestive system with a lack of proper diet. So, the fructose and acidic contents of apples are acting up. 

Solutions To The Nausea Problem

Solutions To The Nausea Problem

It is considered that the nausea is happening due to several reasons. If things go really bad, you must consult a healthcare professional. It may be the effects of what causes apple allergy. With the right medication, this problem should get better.  

However, we will provide you some solutions to make you feel better.

Solution 1: Staying Hydrated

Drinking more water keeps you hydrated. It can increase the metabolic rate of your body. Also, drink organic juice, the ones that have plenty of fibers. 

You can also find many fruit supplements in the market. These supplements can make you feel good. 

Avoid caffeine at any cost, don’t drink coffee at all. Too much caffeine in the system can be the reason for bloating. However, herbal teas are good, they may make your nausea problem go away. 

When fructose is destroying your inner systems, having glucose can solve the problem. There are plenty of supplements with higher glucose concentrations. 

A question however arises, can apples make you sick?

Yes, it can, because your diet is not good.

Try taking honey or sweet corn, they have enough glucose to make you feel good. Glucose ensures a proper breakdown of fatty acid to turn it into a healthy fiber. 

Glucose further helps to balance the sugar levels in your body. Not having a sound sugar level can cause diabetes and heart problems. Taking food with good fiber on a daily basis removes the threat. 

Make sure you are adding plenty of healthy fats to your diet. A good amount of fatty acids allow the metabolic rate to increase. This shall eliminate the nausea problem. 

Solution 2: Avoid Bad Habits

You may have bad habits for which you are so sick. You have plenty of bad habits. You do not take care of yourself and the environment around you.

As outlined before, having too much moisture in your living space is unhealthy. You are probably not cleaning your house probably. This is coming forward when you are storing your fruits.

A high moisturized area makes the fruits and vegetables unhealthy. A proper storage is required for stroring the food. 

A little effort is needed to avoid palutin production in your fruits such as apples. This is the reason why eating apples is making you feel nauseous. 

A good habit is to take care of your surroundings. A dirty room makes people vulnerable to diseases. A clean room with plenty of fibers in your diet will keep you healthy. 

Other bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption need to be avoided as well. Also, avoid any juice or beverages that have artificial sweeteners

Solution 3: Exercise More!

Exercise More!

In order to stay healthy, you need to stay fit. Fitness comes with a lot of effort. You must incorporate a healthy daily routine.

In this scenario, develop a weekly routine. Exercise for at least five days a week. With proper exercise, comes a healthy diet. 

Finding time to exercise for some time will help you to manage stress. Your daily routine can be easily memorised. Your body will also be more energized.  

When you are experiencing nausea, first is to consult a doctor for some medicine. When you get better, start a healthy routine. 

While we are here, we have some health supplements that can improve your digestive system. 

PATRIOT RISE UPThis supplement can support your energy and promoteshealthy digestion. You can absorb more nutrient absorption and feel younger and stronger.

Eating right before going to bed is not good. This can cause indigestion and heartburn.

Eating at least a couple of hours before going to bed is a healthy habit. This allows your food nutrients to work inside your system. Your digestion will be better in this instance. 


  • What are the advantages of dietary fibers?

There are many advantages of dietary fibers. They help to reduce gastrointestinal disorders and heart disease. These fibers balance acidic contents in your body. 

  • How many apples should I take a day?

If you are experiencing nausea, you should stop eating apples. However, if you start feeling better, take one apple a day. Make sure you have a healthy diet.

  • What are the health benefits of consuming honey?

Honey possesses a lot of health benefits. It is a good antioxidant which means you will be disease-free. The antioxidant balances nutrients in your body to let you stay healthy. 


When you are wondering why apples make me nauseous, you are having digestive issues. The solutions we have outlined will allow you to feel better. 

Make sure to comment down below if you have any questions. Hope you lead a long and healthy life.

Bye for now!

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