Why Do Builders Have Big Hands? [All Explained]

why do builders have big hands

Bodybuilders are most often huge in size generally. One of the most unusual larger parts of their body is their hands. Most people notice how builders have larger than regular size hands. 

So, you might have also wondered why do builders have big hands?

Bodybuilders need large hands to be able to lift as much as they want to. The risk of injuries reduces because of the better force distribution. Also, having big hands help them to have a better grip on instruments. A few specialized exercises help to increase one’s hand size as well.

Interested in increasing your hand size as well? If that’s the case stay with us till the end. We’ll drench all your curiosity.

Let’s dig in!

Why Do Builders Have Big Hands?

why do builders have big hands

Bodybuilders are constantly exercising and exerting their bodies to an extent. This huge amount of tension causes them to be a lot more muscular than regular people. 

Bodybuilders are mostly focused on building themselves to look more aesthetically pleasing. Getting a cutting bodybuilding effect is a tough job but is purely attainable. They try to achieve this by building the necessary muscles. 

Thus, bodybuilders focus on something called hypertrophy training to build their muscles.

Normal strength training differs from hypertrophy training. Strength training focuses on gaining as much strength as possible. Hypertrophy training focuses on building muscles. 

Keep in mind that bodybuilding helps increase muscles in your hand, not hand length. Constant heavy lifting exercises and others cause their hands to become more muscular. 

Most exercises such as bench press and others require heavy lifting. This causes the tendons in your hands a lot of tension. Hence, the larger than normal size hands. 

Physical exercise induces mineralization of the bones. This helps the hands become thicker. 

Moreover, many bodybuilders use steroids to increase their hand size. An increased hand size helps to have better grips while exercising.

How Does Hand Size Help in Bodybuilding?

How Does Hand Size Help in Bodybuilding

Yes, hand size helps increase grip strength which is essential for bodybuilders. As we’ve mentioned earlier, builders usually do Hypertrophy training that involves heavy lifting. 

Stronger grip strength helps one to lift weight better. This is with the right repetitions in sets in the hypertrophy sessions

Grip strength is also required in many other exercises. Stronger grip strength will also increase forearm strength. This will eventually let a bodybuilder go for heavier weights.

Bodybuilders are often asked how much they can bench or press. A stronger grip strength helps increase bench weight. This gives the builder bragging rights over others. 

Does Exercise Help Increase Hand Size?

Yes, but not by a long shot. There are very few muscle fibers in your hand. This is why there is not much of a change in size. 

Bodybuilders dedicate a significant amount of their time to exercising. They master the proper technique and work on all parts of their body. The amount of pressure usually results in bulking up in all areas, including their hands. 

In order to get proper results, intense workout sessions are required. Along with proper diet, dedication, and consistency. 

What Exercises Can Make Your Hands Big?

What Exercises Can Make Your Hands Big

Most bodybuilders seek the perfect image and try to bulk up as much as they can. While it does depend heavily on genetics, don’t be disheartened. With proper technique and dedication, you’ll have large hands in no time.

Here are some exercises to try if you want to get bigger hands.

1. Heavy Lifting 

Heavy lifting is probably one of the best ways to thicken your hand size. Intense and proper lifting will result in a larger hand size. 

The use of dumbbells and barbells to increase grip strength cannot be overruled. Your hand won’t grow longer but will certainly get thicker. 

2. Exercise Your Palm 

Try using tools such as hand grippers and hand exercise balls. Yes, we know, these are used mostly by older people but it’ll benefit you too.

The hand gripper requires you to move your fingers constantly to use it. The flexing of your fingers will help build hand muscles. This particular tool also helps strengthen the forearms and wrist muscles.  

As we’ve always heard from older people, the exercising ball helps regulate blood flow. Instead of constantly squeezing and releasing, hold the ball in your palm for a few seconds.

This will work on your palm muscles and help grow your hand.

3. Exercise Your Fingers

Fingers don’t have any muscles of their own and do not grow. However, exercising your fingers will help divide the amount of pressure applied to your hand. 

Try push-ups with your fingers. Do not try this if you cannot do general push-ups. Because doing finger push-ups is a very hard and dangerous exercise. 

These types of push-ups will help strengthen the fingers. It’ll also help you to improve grip strength and possibly increase the size of your forearms.  

Using elastic bands is another great way to exercise your fingers. It’s easy and accessible to anyone. 

4. Increase Calorie Intake

In order to gain muscle in any part of your body, you need to eat more calories than you burn. The extra protein and carbs will help gain muscles. Bulking diets will also help you gain better bone density. 

5. Use Punching bags

Boxing or using punching bags has many benefits. Not only does it strengthen the hand but also helps build more forearm muscles. 


  • What causes builders to have veiny arms?

Bodybuilders normally have a high muscle-to-fat ratio. This causes their muscles to push forward. Due to the low amount of fat, the veins become more prominent. 

  • Do smaller hands affect bodybuilding? 

Bigger hands provide an advantage of better grip strength. Otherwise, no, smaller hands do not affect bodybuilding if you’re maintaining proper form. 

  • How long do bodybuilders train?

Bodybuilders make sure to never overexert their bodies. They make sure to never work out for anything more than 90 minutes. Thus, bodybuilders normally work out for about an hour a day. 

Wrapping Up

So, that was it about the query, why do builders have big hands. We hope now you understand why they have such a big hand and what are the advantages. 

If you want to increase your hand size make sure you follow the suggested tips. 

Until next time, pump it up!

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