Why Do My Arms Shake When I Flex – 3 Real Reasons With Solutions!

Regular fun workout sessions can lift you up every day. Gym workouts give you enough impulse to develop a healthy and positive mood.

You may get conscious when any problems arise in your body. Especially when you are looking for effective results. 

So, you are wondering why my arms shake when I flex.

The first impression of a shaky arm is that you have an improper diet. Perhaps you are not resting enough in between sets where health conditions cannot be ruled out. The solutions are to develop a proper diet, meditation, or see a doctor. Steps taken to Improve your health are a must. 

Paying a little attention to the necessary solutions can make you feel better. We are going to assist with the direction.

So let us begin!

Common Arms Shaking Reasons – Especially While Flexing

When you are working out regularly at the gym, you are attending to a goal. The goal can be about building muscle or just weight loss. 

We should look at the muscle-building scenario. This is because you are flexing your arm to see how much muscle you have gained. 

After a hard day at the gym, your arms start shaking while pressing something. 

Have you been asking why my arm shakes when I hold something?

When you are pressing any gym equipment hard, you are trying to lift. You are involving the same muscle you would flex. It could mean that when you lift, your arms muscles may shake. 

We have droughted down 3 common reasons behind the problem. 

Reason 1: Improper Diet

A shaky muscle indicates possible issues in your body. You are reaching a muscle fatigue level sooner than expected. You are losing muscle power and becoming tired more often. 

This could mean that you lack a proper diet. Especially, in the case of supporting your workout routine. 

You need to carefully assess the time of the shaking happening. Is it within your workout routine or after the end of the workout? 

Suppose, the shaking occurs any time during the day. This is while you are trying to flex at home. 

You just want to know how to stop shaking when flexing. Because the shaky arms are making your feel irritated. 

A usual scene is that your body has an excess amount of caffeine. Maybe for gaining energy, your caffeine consumption s too much. However, your daily diet is not supporting the caffeine intake.

Lack of proper diet is hindering your blood circulation. Maybe you are taking supplements but they are not supported by organic foods. Your sugar levels can fluctuate in this scenario causing shaky arms. 

Schedule A Proper Diet

Solution: Schedule A Proper Diet

Scheduling a proper diet is very important to assist your muscle growth. This should give justice to the hard work you are putting on at the gym. 

To get rid of the tremor when flexing muscles, stop working out. This means you should take a few days off to analyze the problem. 

Take some time to invest in a proper dietary solution. 

A daily protein intake of about 50% to 70% of your body weight is good. For example, if you are 180 pounds, your protein intake should be around 90 to 130 grams. This is to support the heavy weights you are lifting at the gym.

Eat a lot of vegetables daily since you need a lot of vitamins and calcium. Combine your diet with tofu, buckwheat, and peanuts. Don’t go overboard eating chicken, beef, and eggs aimlessly. 

Drink lots of water throughout the day. You need enough fluid in your system for healthy blood circulation.

Reason 2: Not Resting Enough

In this segment, we are trying to understand how you perform at the gym. This means how long you are resting before the next set of lifting. Usually, muscles shake when tensed if you are rushing with the lifts. 

It is often taught to understand your body during gym workouts. In an average scenario, you should rest about 1 to 2 minutes in between sets. 

If you are lifting before the suggested time, your muscle may get tensed. As a result, your arm would start shaking. 

There is a possibility that your forearms are not able to gather enough energy. This is to lift heavy weights, you can feel your palms of hands hurting. 

So, in a generalized context, how would you understand when to lift next?

When you are lifting weights, the muscle alongside the blood circulation is fired up. After you are done lifting, the blood circulation starts calming down, the muscle absorbs the pressure. This takes about a minute or two. You need to lift next only when you feel your body has calmed down. 

You should be focused enough to understand how your internal system is functioning. 

Lack of focus won’t do justice to your muscles. Anything can happen at any time of the day after the workout. Don’t ask why my arm shakes when I lean on my elbow.

This is because your blood circulation is imbalanced. 

Solution: Meditation To Stay Calm And Patient

A bodybuilding journey is long and hard. It is important to stay patient to achieve your muscle-building goal. Muscles don’t grow overnight, it takes some time. 

When do you ask why my arms shake when I flex? You have done something to hurt your body by being impatient. 

Meditation is a great way of developing calmness and patience. Do a 30 minutes meditation before heading to the gym. Do another 30 minutes of meditation before going to bed.

This is a good solution to your query about why my arm shakes randomly. One of the varied advantages of meditation is a healthy heart. 

Meditating regularly does not only necessarily help your mind. It helps the body as well as your blood pressure will balance out. 

After a certain time of meditating, you can develop the right focus. In the process, you can detect how your body is doing. 

This is because of the breathing practice done during meditation. You would be able to expand your consciousness and body awareness. 

Reason 3: Health Conditions

A shaky arm is an indication that your body is stressed. This can happen due to several health conditions. 

It is important to note that you can be developing psychological and physiological symptoms. This happens when the stress hormone is secreted into the bloodstream.

You may be developing issues in your heart. Improper blood circulation or low sugar levels can cause issues in the heart. 

Bad health will make you ask why my muscles shake when I use them. Low sugar levels will make you feel hungry and thirsty more often. 

In the mental health aspect, anxiety issues may lead to muscle tremors. You may feel shortness of breath, especially when working out. 

Having difficulty relaxing comes about due to anxiety issues. This catches up when you are at the gym, you just want to rush!

Solution: See A Doctor

There is no alternative to seeing a doctor when a health condition appears. So, this is the best solution we can offer. 

You may want to know how to stop hand tremors naturally. Doctors can give you the best idea.

As you can figure out, doctors are not only about prescribing medication. However, doctors can detect conditions perfectly. Medication is probably needed to improve your health.

As a matter of fact, many doctors suggest meditation and a proper diet. This is done alongside proper medication. 

In addition, many doctors suggest good supplements for a better immune system.

We have a few suggestions as well!

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Tips For Stopping the Shaking of the Arms

It is normal to have your muscles shake when you are relaxed. Proper care can help you reduce the shaking when you are working out or flexing. Here are some tips for you to follow. 

Tip 1

It is important to properly stretch your arms which can relax your muscles. Stretching regularly can also help to reduce muscle aches, spasms, or cramps. 

Tip 2

Always make sure you are hydrated enough. Drinking water is required to restore your hydration level, electrolytes, and body fluids. 

Tip 3

Resting is another way to relax your muscles. Instead of pushing yourself to overwork your muscles, give them proper rest. 


Should I lower down the weight to lift to prevent arms shaking?

It is a good idea to lower the weight to lift. This is if you feel pressure in the forearms. Check if the shaking of arms stops when the weight is lowered. 

Can problems in the nervous system cause shaky arms?

Certain diseases can cause nerve damage causing tremors or shakes. This happens when the nervous system develops issues such as peripheral neuropathy. Check with your doctor for the right treatment.

Should I stop working out for a few weeks when the arms shaking happens?

If you feel so, you definitely must stop working out for some time. For the rest days, analyze deeply the cause of the shake. Consult professionals and physicians for the best solution. 


We have answered favorably your question of why my arms shake when I flex. Hopefully, you have gathered enough insights for a healthy solution.

Leave a comment below if you have questions for us. By wishing you success in your journey, we are signing off!


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