Why Do My Muscles Look Smaller Some Days? 7 Reasons!

Are there days when you wake up and feel that your arms look smaller? Its natural to feel frustrated when that happens. Especially when you’ve been working on those muscles for so long. 

Well, we’ve all been there. Fortunately its quite normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

So, exactly why do my muscles look smaller some days? 

Your muscles may look smaller some days due to a variety of reasons. Muscles usually look smaller right after waking up as during sleep our body burns calories. On top of that lack of sleep and genetics can cause your muscle to look shorter. Less intake of carbohydrate can also make your muscles appear smaller.

Want to know more about why this happens and how you can prevent this from happening? Stay with us to learn more about these reasons. 

Why Do My Muscles Look Smaller Some days?

Your muscles can look smaller for variety of reasons. If you see that it is reducing day by day then it is a bad thing. 

Otherwise, it is normal if you suddenly see that your muscles are small. The probable scenario is that you are losing a lot of calories

If you want to know why it happens then stay with us. It will be described briefly below. You will get your accurate answer. Some of the reasons are given below-

Reason 1: Genetics

Some people are genetically lean and thin. It is hard for them to remain fit. Their diet charts are very much strict in comparison to an obese person. Because overweight people only have to control their food. 

But it is very hard for a thin person to eat repeatedly after a short time. A thin person who is a bodybuilder has to eat a regular diet. He has to eat extra neutrinos food and fruits. And also drink 8-10 glasses of water. 

After all these things still some days he can find that his muscles are getting smaller. If your family history refers to a lot of thin members, then you will face the same problem. 

Why Do My Muscles Look Smaller Some days

This means you should not work on bodybuilding cutting programs. Wait gain programs can help you with the right attitude. 

You should take advice from your trainer. But if it does not help you, consult with a nutritionist or a doctor.

Reason 2: Workout

After weight lifting, if you find out that your muscles are getting smaller, then it can be caused by atrophy. 

Mainly when the bodybuilding anabolic process is going on in our body this may take place. Anabolic means to build up muscles. But instead of anabolism, a catabolic process occurs when atrophy develops. 

The catabolic process means that your body will release more energy. It will break down your muscles. Atrophy is related to catabolism. It causes the breakdown of the muscle tissue and reduces muscle mass.

You might follow step by step your regular diet and scheduled exercise. Rather atrophy occurs. In case atrophy develops, you should change your diet according to the experts. 

You should stop your regular exercise which you are used to if you see that your muscles are getting smaller. Try doing freehand exercises, running, jumping, swimming, and other exercises for a few days.

Reason 3: Time of the Day

You can find that your muscles appear smaller than at other times of the day. It is because of the internal body functions and metabolism. 

When we are sleeping, it is not that our metabolism stops. Our stomach and intestine are doing their work without taking any break.

When we are sleeping, it means that we are fasting. So the regular things of fasting will happen. Our calories and macronutrients are continuously cut off when we sleep. Our body burns calories while sleeping.

Doing this process our fat and muscles are also affected. Our muscles and fat also burn in the process of digestion. So it is the main cause why we can find our muscles lean in the morning.

Reason 4: Taking Less Carbs

It is known to all that a balanced diet can help to reach your goal quickly. You are doing your exercise regularly. But if you are not following the diet chart properly, then it will not help you at all.

Taking fewer carbs according to your body will hamper your bodybuilding process. If you are taking fewer carbs on your diet chart, then you will start reducing your weight. But if you consume according to your diet chart then your muscle will not reduce.

Our muscles store glycogen. If you intake low carbs, then the muscle glycogen decreases. According to research, each gram of glycogen stores 3 to 4 grams of water. So when glycogen reduces, water also reduces. This causes your muscles to look smaller. 

Reason 5: Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause hormonal imbalance. So your cortisol level goes high and testosterone secretion will be hampered. This may cause the muscles to look smaller.

Cortisol causes the breakdown of your muscles. On the other hand, testosterone helps to build muscle. So this imbalance of hormones is one of the main causes behind your muscles looking small.

Lack of Sleep

Reason 6: Stress

Stressing affects your muscles. Stress can increase the level of cortisol in your body. 

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone. Catabolic hormones cause the breakdown of muscles. So your body will be affected if you are under stress.

Reason 7: Less Intake of Water

Water is magic for your body. If you are intaking more water, it means your body can be free from many harmful elements.

If you are hydrated your muscle glycogen will be good. But if you are frequently dehydrated, your muscle glycogen will also lose. 

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is mandatory for a person. Water keeps all your body’s functions active. Reducing water causes a lot of problems. A bodybuilder’s diet chart includes a lot of water. 

Also, our body is made up of 60% water. So in the case of dehydration, we can see some severe effects. In the case of bodybuilders, the muscle will look smaller. If you face it, intake water in a proper amount.

Is It Okay If My Muscles Look Smaller Some Day?

Yes, it is okay for your muscles to look smaller some days. It is common during bodybuilding. It happens when you follow the same diet chart for a long time. So you have to check your diet plan regularly. You should measure your weight and arms regularly. 

If you feel that it is happening frequently, first find out the main cause. If you find out the main reason half of your problem will be solved. You can then take steps according to your cause.

Your muscles will become the same size as before after some time. If it occurs for low carb, then change your diet plan. If your blood circulation is low in muscles then take the steps to increase blood circulation.

5 Ways to Keep My Muscles Big

All you have to do to keep your muscles big is maintain. Go on a disciplined way with your diet and exercise. Your muscles will be big until you are determined. 

Some of the ways are given on how you can keep your muscles big-

Keep My Muscles Big

Tip 1: Recheck Your Nutritional Status

You should be concerned about your diet and nutritional status. Sometimes you can notice that you are taking a proper diet but still, your weight gets locked. Besides, your muscles are also getting smaller. In case of this, you should change your whole diet chart.  

Tip 2: Avoid Excess Cardio

Excessive cardio breaks down muscles. Cardio is good for your heart and lungs. Also can improve building muscles. But if you do excess cardio, you can notice the bad effects. Excess cardio will start to break down your muscles instead of building. 

Tip 3: Avoid Frequent Exercise

You should take a little break while doing exercise. Your muscles also need rest. If you are frequently exercising, you will become fatigued.

Your appetite will change. Also, it will affect your sleep. Your muscle does not get sufficient time to recover and grow.

Tip 4: Remain Stress-Free

If you are stressed free your catabolic hormones will not release much. Catabolic hormones cause bad effects. So try to be stress-free as much as possible.

Tip 5: Avoid Diuretics

As our body needs more water, diuretics can hamper these. It causes more urination. We should avoid diuretics like tea, coffee, and caffeinated drinks.

You should keep in mind the main reasons for which your muscles look small. Also, follow the solutions to avoid this problem. By following the proper methods you can easily get your desired result!


Is morning skinny weight actual?

Yes, it is the best time to measure your weight. In the morning our weight decreases. It is because of the overnight fasting and digestion.

Why don’t my biceps grow?

Your biceps will not grow if you are applying the wrong exercise technique. Also if you are not doing the exercise which is beneficial for your biceps, it will not help you at all. Overtraining your biceps is also a big reason not to grow your biceps.

How long does it take to go from skinny to muscular?

It takes about 15 months to go from skinny to muscular. If you are a skinny person, you should first gain some weight. It will take around one year to gain a certain level of muscle mass. Then cut your extra fat. It will take around 3 months. After that, take some effective exercise and get muscular.


That’s all on why do my muscles look smaller some days? We hope we could make you clear regarding the whole situation. 

Here’s a tip for you before you go. Make sure to avoid dehydration if you want your muscles to look plump and big. 

Until next time!

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