Why Does Tren Cause Shortness of Breath[The Simple Truth]

Tren is a popular steroid that is used for building muscles and gaining strength.

But tren comes with some limitations. And these make its users very much agitated with all the side effects. Shortness of breath is one of them.

Now the question comes, why does tren cause shortness of breath?

Tren causes shortness of breath due to high blood pressure levels. That results in a shortage of blood flow to the heart. Ultimately lack of oxygen makes it difficult to breathe. However, deep breaths help to get more oxygen supply. 

Well, this was just a summary. There are a lot of other facts to look upon.

Don’t lose hope here. We got your back. So let’s get into the article.

Reason For Tren Causing Shortness Of Breath 

Before jumping into the reasons, let’s talk about facts. Trenbolone(tren) is an anabolic steroid. Its primary function is increasing muscle mass while cutting down calories. 

So,if you are into building muscle and cutting on fats, look out for tren. You can also combine tren with other substances such as deca

Tren should not be injected alone.There are versions of tren.You’ll find trenbolone acetate,tren hexa,trenbolone enanthate. These combinations help de-accelerate its speed while absorbing into the blood. Evidently, tren is strong enough to cause disruption in blood flow.

Shortness of breath is caused by tren. This happens due to the high blood pressure levels. This causes a shortage of blood flow towards the heart. Thus, a lack of oxygen which makes it difficult to breathe.

Tren Cause Shortness of Breath


Controlled doses of tren at reasonable intervals is the mantra. It will help stabilize your blood pressure levels. This means you are free to flaunt your body without causing any discomfort.

Although, shortness of breath is not the only problem. Let’s dig deeper to find out other side effects. 

Other Side Effects of Tren

Tren is a steroid and steroids have never been nice to us. This is just one example. We should be aware of all the major side effects to avoid discomforts.

Tren Cough

You may experience horrible coughing right after you inject tren. It lasts around 5 to 10 minutes. 

By the way, this is completely normal. You may find it vanishing by time. 


We all know the struggle of oily skins. Oily skins are the home ground of acne. Sadly steroids produce excessive oil. 

Acnes are common so don’t get worried. 

Low Cardio Levels

Tren is pretty depressing for someone who loves cardio. Since tren causes shortness of breath and cough, your lungs won’t get enough oxygen. 

This is probably why you feel light headed. This is why considering tren for strength training plateau is suitable. 

This dramatic shift of your cardio performance level won’t stay longer. It depends on your body’s metabolism. 

High blood pressure

Hypertension is another cruel side of tren. Tren attacks your cardiovascular cells . This might be a reason for increased blood pressure levels.

Alternatives to Tren Steroids

Steroids cause disruption to your body. So,you no longer need to take steroids to get your dream body. Organic is the new way to do things. 

Sounds ironic!

Look around you, everyone is talking about plant based meat. Everyone is going organic. Organic things take time but give you the best results.

It’s not too late. You are just in time. Let’s jump into the” good for you” alternatives.

A Healthy Diet

When you take steroids, you tend to lose weight. You need to take conscious carbs, protein to stay fit. Besides, distance yourself from fried foods. 

You can add small meats at frequent intervals. Whatever meal you choose needs to be high in nutrition. Otherwise it won’t help you much with proper nutrition in gaining weight.

Starving yourself is the worst thing you do to your body. But what makes a balanced diet? 

A balanced diet is a combination of protein, fiber and carbs. You can add greek yogurt, eggs, and fish to your diet. Simultaneously, keep working on your muscles.

A Healthy Diet
A Healthy Diet image source

Work On Your Muscles

Eating only healthy food won’t help. You need to work on your muscles too to make them look bigger. 

Don’t get faint. It is actually pretty simple. Let’s sort things out.

For bigger triceps do a reverse or close grip bench press. You can add dips as well. 

If you are planning on bigger biceps do a close grip pull-up. Dumbbell curls are a good option too.

Sounds doable, doesn’t it?

Be Consistent

No exercise or diet will work if you leave halfway. Try to stay focused on your goals. 

Keep a goal tracker. It can be a fitness app or a manual checklist. Do whatever makes you motivated to stay on track. 

Don’t forget to record your progress. Share your day one picture vs day nth on your social media. Who knows you might become the next fitness guru.


Steroids are artificial supplements. It gets all act up if not used moderately.

 Some precautions you can take are-

  • Know your adequate dose of steroids(tren)
  • Do not increase the doses without doctor’s consult
  • Keep track of intervals between doses

These are the “must take” precautions while you’re on tren. However, you should always consult with your physician to avoid any fatality. 

You are one step ahead if you already knew all these.

Now,let’s get specific when to consult a doctor.

When to Consult a Doctor

Consult a doctor if your side effects are worse. Also when you plan to change your current dose. A quick session with your doctor won’t take too long.

Moreover doctors can give you an overview on your body’s  activity. Tren is not suitable to all. Here, doctors help you to choose or not to choose any other steroids. 

Seeking help from some online forum other than doctors is a big no. Doctors are professionals and can give you a logical and practical wayout. Eventually that’ll help you make wise decisions regarding your body.  

Injecting a steroid is a big decision. You are allowing a change to happen. Be mindful in every step. Shortcuts are not advisable at all.

Tren causing shortness of breath is a reaction to its activation. You may or may not go through other side effects. This depends entirely on how tren reacts with your body functions. 

There is no such way to avoid these side effects. But as mentioned earlier, keep the doses at an optimal level. 


What are the long term side effects of tren ?

The long term side effects of tren could be a weak cardiovascular system. This can lead to heart failure, heart infections and even valvular heart diseases. Moreover, it can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. You may experience anxiety and if not treated can turn worse.

What are the expected benefits of tren?

The expected benefits of tren are muscle gain, fat loss, and muscle pump. Moreover, tren help to gain lean mass. But you must understand your correct doses and at what intervals. Stick to the routine and you will enjoy every benefit of tren.

Does trenbolone affect cardio?

Surely trenbolone affects cardio. Since tren makes the heart pump less blood, it is difficult to take deep breaths. Certainly when your heart rate is up you need to breathe faster. Tren diminishes the ability. Thus cardio goes down on tren.

Wrapping up

We believe your doubts are all cleared. Now you know why does tren cause shortness of breath. Try to remember the precautions and potential side effects. Surely, this will help you resolve your tren sufferings in future.

That’s all for today. Will be meeting pretty soon!

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