Why Does Tren Cause Shortness of Breath? – Details Explained!

Why Does Tren Cause Shortness of Breath

Are you going to the gym on a regular basis? Started tren in hopes of gaining some lean muscles in your body. Then suddenly your cardio performance drops?

The main reason behind this is tren causes breathlessness. Then you may ask why does tren cause shortness of breath?

Well, tren is an anabolic steroid which helps to cut fat while gaining lean mass. But there are some significant side effects of tren one being shortness of breath. Tren messes up the prostaglandin system which deals with blood flow. Tren makes this blood flow weak resulting in breathlessness.

Let us move on and see in detail why tren causes shortness of breath. We will also check what can be done about it.

Why Tren Causes Shortness Of Breath?

Why Does Tren Cause Shortness of Breath

Trenbolone acetate or more commonly known as tren is an androgen or anabolic steroid. One of its major drawbacks or side effect is that tren causes shortness of breath

Trenbolone or tren has the ability to wobble up the prostaglandin system of the user. This leads to shortness of breath. This is the same reason why tren cough also occurs. Now you know does tren make you short of breath

Steroids like Tren, in general, are very awful for cardiovascular performance. Because cardio is more or less related to stamina. It is directly related to breathing. Hence, it is awful.

If you have injected tren into your system. Then you will not immediately feel the shortness of breath right after taking it. But it will take some time to feel it.

What Are The Reasons For The Problem?

You want to start the tren cycle so you want to know does tren affect your breathing. Tren triggers the development of prostaglandins. It provides a variety of functions in the body’s natural control system.

One of these prostaglandins, leukotriene, is indeed a potent bronchial constrictor. This is the source of shortness of breath. 

As with all train aspects, it impacts individuals in different ways. Some people do high-intensity cardio (trying to burn the most calories in 20 minutes).it also takes about 5-10% of my maximum effort. Aside from just that, there really is no noticeable difference.

Solution To The Problem 

Solution To The Problem 

It is completely natural for someone to suffer from shortness of breath while having tren. The best solution is to stop taking it.

You need to take a reasonable dose for a reasonable amount of time. Your cardiovascular performance and your prostaglandin system should recover pretty quickly.

If you want to do something about the breathlessness you’re suffering from, I have solutions for you. These are some remedies you can take to relieve breathlessness by tren.

Solution 1: Taking Deep Breaths 

While you are suffering from shortness of breath you can try to do some deep breaths slowly. 

It might sound easier than done but trust me it is easy. Follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Placing your hands on the abdomen lie down
  2. By taking a deep breath through your nose. It will make the abdomen expand

This will let air into your lungs.

  1. Now hold. Hold your breath and count out from 1 to 5 slowly.
  2. Now breathe out slowly through your mouth. 

Do this exercise a couple of times. This will result in a comfortable experience. And your breathlessness will be relieved to some extent.

Solution 2: Finding A Comfortable Position 

Finding a comfortable position to relax. Either lying down or sitting also helps when you are out of breath.

You may try these positions to release the pressure created inside your airway. This will essentially help to improve your breathing.

  1. To sit in a forward position on a chair. Using a table to support your head is preferable
  2. To lean against a wall so that the back or spine is supported.
  3. To keep weight off the feet, stand in a manner so your hands are supporting a table.
  4. Using pillows for support for your hands and knees lie down. 

Solution 3: Using A Fan

A research study in 2010 suggests that a fan helps when you are out of breath. Keep a fan on your face and nose, it will help to circulate airflow in your lungs. 

This results in more air going into your lungs. Therefore oxygen gets into your blood faster. It essentially helps in breathlessness that is caused by tren.

Solution 4: Inhaling Steam 

This process takes up a lot of work to complete. But this gives the best results. Since this process helps to clear one’s nasal passage. Resulting in no obstruction while breathing.

You can try this step out by the following steps

  1. Pour very hot water into a bowl
  2. This step is optional. You can try to add some peppermint oil or some other types of essential oil. Or you can use menthol instead.
  3. Placing a towel over your head. Put your face over the bowl.
  4. Now inhale the steam by taking deep breaths.

Don’t try to do this with roaring boiling water. Let the water cool down first then follow the steps.

Keep doing this for 5-6 minutes taking some breaks.

Solution 5: Drinking Black Coffee 

For all the coffee lovers out there this might be good news for you. Black coffee is really effective when it comes to breathlessness. 

Black coffee has caffeine in it. It helps to reduce the tightness in the muscles of a person’s airway. Which is a fancy way of saying it helps in breathlessness.

However, caffeine also has its negative effects. It increases the heart rate significantly. For that reason, a person should monitor their caffeine consumption and ensure they don’t drink too much. Caffeine and sugar can be worse for your body so you have to carefully consume them. 

Solution 6: Eating Fresh Ginger

Having some fresh ginger or having ginger-infused hot water helps significantly. It is a good cure when it comes to being out of breath. 

It not only helps in relaxation but also fights different viruses and bacteria in the lungs. Such as respiratory syncytial virus.

Tren Alternatives

Tren Alternatives

Trenbolone or tren is a bulking steroid. It is often used to increase the blood count too. But other than that it is kind of a problem when cardio comes. Because tren causes breathlessness. If you’re not tied down to tren or tren like steroids you can try Anavar or Ostarine.

Other than that this is the absolute tren alternatives which are given below.


The main job of Tbulk is to increase the existing testosterone levels. Resulting in a very lean muscle mass.

It also encourages nitrogen retention, boosts oxygen levels and finally improves fat burning.

The main benefit of TBulk is that it is natural. Due to it being natural the body can still control the hormones and their secretion. So you can make something similar to tren and not have shortness of breath.

Tbulk Ingredients

Tbulk contains some natural ingredients. Some of these are already present inside your body those are given below


A plant-based steroid which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

By keeping the level of testosterone in the blood high. Then not converting testosterone to DHT. 

It helps majorly in the muscle-building sector. Of Course without the drawbacks. 

Cat’s Claw 

A herb coming from Uncaria tomentosa, a plant. It generally comes from its vines. 

This Cat’s claw fixes more or less anything that is related to muscles and bones. From joint pain to reducing inflammation.

This herb mainly helps out in post-workout recovery. Therefore one can work harder and longer.

Nettle Leaf Extract 

Nettle leaf extract has an ingredient which is known as 3,3 diindolylmethane (DIM). 

This particular ingredient is responsible for the boost of testosterone levels as well as estrogen levels. 

Resulting in fat loss and improved lean muscle retention.


Pepsin is an enzyme which is already present in your stomach’s cells waiting to be activated. It is also present in this TBluk steroid.

Pepsin boosts amino acid intake. And amino acid technically is protein. So when we consume more protein we get more muscle-building blocks. Simple as that.

Although if you are not bound to the fact that you need tren or its alternatives. Then I have some products for you that help in fat cutting.

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Product nameDetails
Lean belly juiceIt has Raspberry Ketones Extract, Mango Fruit Powder, etc which help in cutting fat.
TURMERIC WITH BIOPERINEThis contains organic curcumin along with enhanced absorption and plant-based antioxidants to deal with body fat.


Really hope these products can pique your interest.


  • How long does it take for Tren to get in your system?

Trenbolone enanthate is an anabolic steroid. That is designed to release the hormone into the body. These will help in the first two days or so after treatment. Blood plasma levels remain high for two weeks before gradually falling off.

  • How long does a Tren cycle last?

It accomplishes this by increasing protein synthesis and decreasing nitrogen retention. It allows you to maintain the ideal anabolic state. Some bodybuilders gain 30 pounds of excellent, lean muscle growth. They gain this in just 8 weeks by following a Tren cycle.

  • Is Tren good for bulking?

Trenbolone acetate can be an excellent tool for bulking up and building lean muscle. Especially when paired with other steroids. In fact, it is less harsh than other choices. It is one of the most preferred bulking agents among new users.


So, there it is all the problems along with the solutions. Really hope it solves your confusion in why does tren cause shortness of breath.

Using tren will give you spectacular results for your fitness. But it comes with a price. Here you must sacrifice your stamina.

Until next time.

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