Why Is My Squat So Weak Compared To Deadlift?

It gets really frustrating when some of our exercises aren’t on par with the others. It might even give us an unbalanced physique as well. 

Especially the difference between the squat and the deadlift is too noticeable.

So, the real question is, why is my squat so weak compared to deadlift?

If you’re a beginner then it’s normal to have a weaker squat than a deadlift. Also, if your hip movement and core muscle are weak that might cause weak squats. Another reason can be your improper diet of yours. Last but not the least, if your leg muscles are weak obviously you’ll have weaker squats.

You can make your squats stronger through various ways. All you need to do is follow our detailed guidelines and work out accordingly.

Let’s gear up then!

Why is My Deadlift So Much Stronger than My Squats?

Are you a beginner?

If your answer is yes, then it is normal to have a stronger deadlift. Many of the beginners have stronger deadlifts than squats. 

You are probably avoiding scenarios where flexibility is not an issue for deadlifts. This is because your squats are not better than deadlifts. 

You may have a strong back. Some people have a strong back so that they can do more deadlifts. But if you feel pain in your back, that might be a problem. I will suggest you consult with your trainer. 

There can be another reason. It may be that your legs do not have the needed power for doing squats.

5 Reasons for Weaker Squat Than the Deadlift

A weak squat can have various causes. Who wants to read those long boring sentences. Here are the most seen reasons for weak squats:

Reason 1: Incorrect Squat Technique

An incorrect form of exercise can cause many problems in your body. For instance, injuries, muscle tearing, ligament pulling, and ligament tearing anything can happen.

You’re not sure about your techniques? At times it can be dangerous when injuries happen during squat sessions

Well, in that case, you can get help from the trainer. He’s there for a reason so seek him out.

Reason 2: Your Hip Movement is Weak

Can I guess something? You’re probably sitting and reading this right now.

Have you noticed your hips? Is your sitting posture correct?

A lot of time we spend sitting around. For some people, the sitting time is longer than for others.

If you sit for a long time, your muscles will tighten. Your leg muscles and hip flexors will adapt to this position. This will cause you much trouble during the squats.

Reason 3: You Have Weaker Core Muscles

Can you keep your spine neutral while squatting?

If your answer is yes, then proceed to the next reason. You’re in the safe! 

If your answer is no, then you need to work on your core muscles. A strong core muscle is far more important than six-pack abs. This is why fixing the core muscle issues is an essential factor.

Strong core muscles help to stabilize movement and keep us upright. A person cannot squat properly if his or her core muscles are weak.

You Have Weaker Core Muscles

Reason 4: Incorrect Diet

Let me tell you something. Suppose you’re sick, if you don’t take medicine, you’ll become sicker.

Also, you cannot recover your strength without eating healthy. 

This also applies to your muscles. After workouts, they become sick. So, eat well to revive your muscles. A correct diet plan and rest can help your muscles. 

So, make sure you diet plan is correct.  

Reason 5: Lacking in Leg Exercise

If you’re doing one kind of leg exercise, it will be harmful to you. Eventually, this causes leg injuries, ligament problems, and problems in the joint. 

So, it’s important to do various kinds of leg exercises. 

Should Your Deadlift Count Be Lesser Than You Can Squat? 

Yes, you will be able to squat more than the deadlift. Prepare yourself to follow the instructions. You can be successful in your trials. 

You can do it! Just keep yourself self-motivated! 

5 Tips to Make Your Squats Stronger

Tip 1: Squat with Your Feet Flat on the Ground

Many people do not place their feet flat on the ground when doing squats. Sometimes the feet are in a heel position. That is bad for squatting.

If you’re using shoes While you are squatting. Then try without shoes once I think you will notice the difference.  Some research shows that it’s better for you to squat barefoot. It is like grabbing the floor with your feet which is important for your movement.

Tip 2: Spread Out Your Legs While Squatting

You can try out the sumo squat where toes should be pointed upward at a 45゚ angle.  The sumo squat can help you with your hip, adductor, root strength, and also mobility. It is good rather than a narrow stance squat.

This position is preferred as well. Their body is more comfortable in this way. But you have to do it properly before falling in love.

Also, make sure your toes and knees do not touch. One important thing you’ve to widen your knees over your toes.

Tip 3: Squat Without Any Tools

Do you rely on belts, ankle sleeves, and lifters?

It’s a very simple trap. For example, when you are playing you get hurt and you try to use a bandage to heal or to cover up the wound. These tools are similar to Bandages.  

Bandages protect the wound from outside bacteria and other harmful things. So these tools help you to squat better.  

If your wound heals naturally it will take less time. As so if you try raw squats. Then this will help you to build raw strength. You will feel more confident and your strength and stability will increase.

Tips to Make Your Squats Stronger
squat in the gym image source

Tip 4: Try Bottom Half Reps

Are you discovering different variants of squatting? Well, this will simply make your current squatting method more difficult. Just stick to one method. 

Bottom Half-reps is a better method to stick to.

The method is described here briefly. Squat fully and then rise halfway. Pause, then lower your back further in the hole until pushing up to your standing position.

Easy? In practice, it’s not. To build strength in your weakest squat point, use this technique to put further pressure on your muscles. 

Don’t be angry at me. If you can’t sit for a few days. Slowly add half-reps to your squatting volume if you can. Start with 1-2 half-reps per set.

Tip 5: Do Some Mobility Exercises

You can do some mobility exercises to Warm up your muscles. These movements will free your muscles and you can do your squats easily.  Like you can do standing leg swings if you have any kind of knee issues. 

Check out the hip flexor squat. Your hips will have a free movement. It also improves your lower limb strength and flexibility.

Also, you can try some other exercises like butt dog or front foot elevated split.


Why is my squat so weak compared to the bench?

It can happen just because of a lack of proper diet. Weaker leg muscles. Also, you don’t squat that much.

Why is my squat stronger than my deadlift?

There can be several reasons for that. Inaccurate deadlift technique, weaker back, started squat earlier can be the reasons. Also, the body structure is different for everyone. 

Does squat help deadlift?

Yes, squats help to deadlift. The squat is the first step to moving toward deadlift. So, if you want to start deadlifting you must learn how to do squats.


So, here we have to go apart. We hope everything is clear about the topic of why is my squat so weak compared to deadlift.

You can make your squats stronger by following the aforementioned tips.

Happy lifting and best of luck!

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