Why Take Hydroxycut Before a Meal? Answered!

Being overweight is something that nobody wants. You want to look slim, healthy, and strong. Who doesn’t want this type of body, right?

Well, in that case, Hydroxycut can lose your extra weight. Makes you look healthy and strong.

Along with your two main meals, you can take Hydroxycut twice a day. Take Hydroxycut before 30-60 minutes, as it is recommended by its own brand.

But why take Hydroxycut before a meal?

Taking Hydroxycut before a meal is recommended by its own brand. If you consume it with food, you can experience post-meal hunger. Which you do want to avoid while doing exercise. If you take it empty stomach you‘ll end up feeling nauseous. It’s better to take it before 30-60 minutes of your meal.

Why Take Hydroxycut Before A Meal?

So, you are thinking of losing some weight. Hydroxycut is an excellent addition to your diet plan. It boosts your balanced nutrition plan and daily workout plan. Hydroxycut can help with your weight loss plan. Your body’s energy levels are also increased by it.

Before taking your main meals, take Hydroxycut should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before meals. Add up Hydroxycut with your main two meals. Hydroxycut can help you to lose weight. It has some key ingredients that are scientifically researched.

How To Use Hydroxycut For Best Results?

When should you take Hydroxycut before or after a meal?

Well, take Hydroxycut as directed as its label. Take Hydroxycut 30-60 minutes before your two main meals. To get the best result from it. You can make some changes to your diet plans. 

Never take Hydroxycut on empty stomach. You can take Hydroxycut and not eat but you won’t get the expected result you want.

It is advised to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily when using Hydroxycut. It shouldn’t be consumed five hours before going to bed.

Consult with your before adding Hydroxycut to your diet list.

How Effective Is Hydroxycut?

You might be wondering what does Hydroxycut do? Alright, you’ll know now.

One of the main ingredients of Hydroxycut is a coffee extract.  Accordingly, Hydroxycut contains caffeine. One’s energy and heart rate both rise when they consume caffeine. It also reduces hunger although the effects are temporary.

Hydroxycut claims that it helps to lose weight two times faster. It works better with exercise and diet plans. It indicates that the key ingredient of Hydroxycut is a coffee extract. 


Within four hours caffeine increases 7% to 15% resting metabolism. 

In a clinical trial in 2006, one group took green coffee extract. They took it for 60 days. They lost twice their weight as the placebo group. Intake of the green coffee extract resulted in weight loss of 10 pounds. Whereas, placebo groups lost 5 pounds of weight. Both of the  groups were on a low-calorie diet.

Unfortunately, the result is unpublished. 

Hydroxycut works best if you plan a proper weight loss diet. Choose a balance to get the best result out of it. Include Hydroxycut with your daily exercise routine.

Daily exercise while on Hydroxycut can help you to get your desired weight loss. You can start with light exercise. You can exercise for 30 minutes daily. Once you improve your fitness level, you’ll get better outputs from it. 

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Benefits Of Hydroxycut

There are many benefits of Hydroxycut. It mainly helps to lose weight. It can boost your energy levels and also improve your strength performance.

Weight Loss

Hydroxycuts one of the main ingredients is caffeine. Caffeine is a well-known metabolic booster. Caffeine helps fat burn and improves energy levels.

In a long-term study, where 2.5k people participated. In this study, a high level of caffeine consumption helped to lose weight and maintenance.  

Boost Energy

In Hydroxycut, caffeine helps to boost energy levels. Over 100 people participated in 10 clinical trials. Their aerobic activities, such as jogging, skiing, and cycling, is improved by caffeine doses.

Caffeine reduces muscle pain and tiredness.

Strength Performance

67 men participated in 6 clinical trials. They perform muscle extension and weight lifting. It improved their strong performance. 

For high-speed exercise with a low weight, average doses were given, it was adequate for the participants. But, high doses were required for higher weights.

Increased Cognition

Hydroxycut is mainly for weight loss. But, few of its ingredients can work to improve cognition. Two ingredients mainly carry these effects. Caffeine and Ashwagandha are the main ingredients.

As a cognitive enhancer, caffeine is a well-known ingredient. Caffeine improves cognition in many ways. It improves attention, response time, attention, and perception. Caffeine does these improvements to 90 sleepless people. These people participated in 3 clinical trials. 

These 90 people get better results than placebo. But this outcome only serves as a temporary fix.

An additional Hydroxycut component is Ashwagandha extract. Additionally, it makes the brain more functional. 70 people took part in 2 days of clinical trials. Ashwagandha improves attention, response time, attention, and perception.

Boost Energy

Side Effects Of Hydroxycut

Every drug has some side effects. The list of side effects is given below. Though these are not concrete ones. You can always consult with your doctor for more information.

Hydroxycut has been reported to cause an increase in heart rate. It also causes heart attacks. 

It also causes

  • Liver damage and failure.
  • Incendiary bowel disease.
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Reversible narrowing of brain arteries.

Liver Damage

There is a chance of liver damage when taking Hydroxycut at the suggested dosages. Liver injury can be shown in many ways, such as jaundice and liver enzymes. Jaundice can be identified by your skin, eyes, or even your urine. They would look yellowish. Yellow eyes, skin, and urine is the sign of jaundice. 

Increased liver enzyme levels are a sign of probable liver damage.

Itching, tiredness, and weakness are the other symptoms of liver damage. Loss of appetite, stomach, and abdominal pain, and another digestive also the symptoms of liver damage. 


Seazures are another problem taken by Hydroxycut. When it occurs, your brain may experience abrupt and aberrant electrical activity.

There are two main groups of seizures. Your brain’s one specific area experiences focal or partial seizures. Both sides of your brain can experience abnormal activities by generalized seizures.

Cardiovascular Problems

Hydroxycut can cause irregular heartbeats which lead to heart attacks. Abnormal electrical activity in the heart is the source of irregular heartbeats. 

This abnormal electrical activity can result in the heartbeat being too rapid or too slow. Some heart cells perish when the heart’s blood supply is cut off during a heart attack.


Myoglobin is released into the bloodstream during rhabdomyolysis, a particular type of muscle injury. Kidney injury is one of the significant issues that myoglobin can lead to.

Does Hydroxycut Work?

In many forums and consumers, you’ll see that some people have succeeded. However, many individuals report no change after taking Hydroxycut.

It seems that most weight supplements. Some people get the result, while others don’t.

However, like any other weight loss supplement, Hydroxycut doesn’t produce long-term results.

Is Hydroxycut Safe?

Well, long-term use of Hydroxycut is not safe. No research fully claims that it is safe to take. 

There are occasional adverse reactions, including headache, cold, exhaustion, and rapid heartbeat. Liver damage can happen in severe cases. 

But, you can always consult with your doctor before taking any drugs or supplements. You should follow the proper instruction to avoid any consequences. 

However, you can always go for alternatives. Here Dexatrim is an alternative to Hydroxycut. Dexatrim helps to lose weight. But, you should decide, on either Hydroxycut or Dexatrim.

What Are The Alternatives Of Hydroxycut?

There are some alternatives to Hydroxycut that you can go for. 

Cytogenix Hardcore Strength Xenadrine RZR-X

Like Hydroxycut, Cytogenix Hardcore Strength Xenadrine RZR-X is promoted as a potent fat-burning pill. It can help boost your metabolism and get rid of stubborn fat.

MHP Anadrox

MHP Anadrox is a dietary supplement that uses natural herbal components, potent stimulants, and amino acids to promote fat loss.

SAN Tight Hardcore

SAN Tight Hardcore provides a variety of substances to support hunger suppression and fat reduction.

This is essential since it might maintain your high amounts of growth hormone and testosterone.


How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Week With Hydroxycut?

2-3 pounds per week. Weight loss is a slow process. To get the intended outcome, patience and time are required. You may alter your nutrition, though, and add activity to your regular schedule. Within 2-3 weeks you will get your desired result.

Can I Take Hydroxycut On An Empty Stomach?

Well, you can take Hydroxycut before 30-60 minutes of your meal. You must include Hydroxycut with your two main meals of the day. Don’t have any snacks before taking Hydroxycut.

Can You Drink Coffee With Hydroxycut?

No, you cannot. Hydroxycut‘s one of the main ingredients is caffeine. Drinking coffee Hydroxycut can cause of overdose of caffeine. Overdose of caffeine can lead to many complications.

End Note

I hope now you know why take hydroxycut before meal. 

Again, there is no proven research that indicates Hydroxycut is safe. FDA didn’t approve Hydroxycut. 

Talk to the doctor before taking Hydroxycut. To avoid any unexpected interaction stop using Hydroxycut.

There is no evidence of direct testing of Hydroxycut.

Have a healthy diet!

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