ZMA and Alcohol– Everything You Need To Know!

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) is a supplement that contains three elements; zinc, magnesium & Vitamin B6. It is considered a miracle because it enhances performance, strength, and physique.

But many people think that taking ZMA with Alcohol is super beneficial. Some have gained tremendous benefits, while others have faced health troubles. 

So, can you take ZMA and Alcohol together?

Taking ZMA with alcohol in low quantities is somehow beneficial as it strengthens your body. However, it is better not to mix the dose of alcohol and ZMA. Taking ZMA before or after drinking alcohol can lead to severe toxicity. 

There are many more about the ZMA and alcohol combo. Stay with me to get a clear idea about every detail.

Mixing ZMA and Alcohol- Benefits And Problems

Mixing ZMA and alcohol has some benefits. However, there are reasons too why experts still recommend not taking both simultaneously.

Problems With ZMA And Alcohol

Benefits of ZMA With Alcohol

If you consume a tiny amount of Alcohol with ZMA, then it is beneficial. The elements in ZAM while mixed with a slight amount of alcohol can boost your

  • Mood
  • Immunity 
  • Sleep, and 
  • Blood glucose levels.

Problems With ZMA And Alcohol

A low amount of alcohol does not cause any damage. But things go wrong when you can’t resist the urge to have more.

If the quantity of the liquor is more with ZMA, you will face highly negative consequences:

Alcohol and ZMA mix dosage drastically increases the concentration of inhibitor neurotransmitters. These inhibitory neurotransmitters subsist in the spinal cord and brain. 

Moreover, Alcohol combined with ZMA primarily affects the dopamine levels in your brain. You will turn physically and mentally exhausted. 

In addition, People who mix ZMA and alcohol may face the following effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Euphoria
  • Depression
  • Reduced motor reflux

Also, don’t use these supplements with caffeinated or sugary drinks. 

Wondering what will happen if you continue taking Alcohol and ZMA together!

It is not a good thing to consume ZMA with alcohol for a longer period. It may drastically distress your physique. 

But that’s not the worst part. 

Continuous intake of these two together may lead you to heart failure. Furthermore, these people find it challenging to get new memories. They would not realize what is going on around them. 

In addition, Alcohol and ZMA intake increase the risks of respiratory seizures, which can cause death. Aso, if you take these drugs jointly for a longer period, you may get sleep disturbances.

Can You Take Other Zinc Supplements While Drinking Alcohol?

ZMA and Alcohol

Nope, it is not recommended to take zinc while drinking alcohol. Even minimal quantities are not recommended. It is hard to tell how badly alcohol and simple Zinc supplements influence your system. 

These impacts may be varied for different people due to their unique hereditary makeup. 

Some individuals get affected dramatically, while others receive mild reactions. Whether you get mild or drastic impacts, you should not keep on consuming zinc with alcohol. 

In some cases, people become sedated by these supplements. It is because they have used them for a long time. Moreover, it has been approved that continuous use can direct eternal brain alterations.

Also, make sure you are taking ZMA supplements in the recommended dose to get the benefit. If you don’t, you will experience health problems. 

ZMA Overdose Side Effects

ZMA side effects due to overdose are:

  • Vitamin B6 in Zinc Magnesium Aspartate leads to nerve deterioration. You may also perceive pain in your hands or feet due to massive doses of ZMA.
  • Zinc in ZMA can result in adverse impacts leading to drastic issues. Nausea, stomach spasms, dizziness, reduced immunity, reduced hunger, and diarrhea.
  • Magnesium mainly leads to vomiting, sickness, stomach pain, and diarrhea. 

Now let’s discuss two of the most asked questions about ZMA Side effects. 

Does ZMA Make You Tired?

ZMA can give deep and sound sleep throughout the night. This equity is due to the existence of zinc in ZMA supplements. But it can make you sleepy and tired at times. It happens due to the existence of magnesium and zinc components.

Is ZMA Bad For Your Liver?

Keep in mind that the usual dosage of ZMA is always safe. You don’t worry about severe devastation if you’re taking a prescribed quantity. However, Zinc Magnesium Aspartate may cause severe trouble for your liver at a very high dosage. 

A high dose of ZMA drastically increases testosterone levels in your body. And high testosterone excretion will be adversely harmful to the liver and sperms in men. In addition, higher levels of steroids can also severely affect your liver.

So, your liver will be affected if you are not careful with your dose. 

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA)– Why You Still Go For It?

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate is a supplement that contains three essential elements; zinc, magnesium & vitamin B6. Using the ZMA supplements together can lead to a lot of benefits. But the two most notable ones are bodybuilding and increasing the sperm count. 

Let’s discuss both. 

ZMA Benefits For Bodybuilding 

Bodybuilders and athletes use ZMA for the perfect physique. Zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium are highly beneficial for muscle growth. Also, this supplement can increase strength and immunity. 

Furthermore, you won’t have difficulty flexing your arm muscles if you take ZMA. 

ZMA Benefits For Sperm

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate is highly advised for males with fertility issues. It enhances the natural sperm count and acts as a testosterone booster. So, here are the benefits of ZMA supplements for sperm increment. Thus, Men with less sperm count should start utilizing ZMA to increase sperm count. 

Men must consume 5 mg of folic acid & 66 mg of zinc sulfate daily. This medication must proceed for 25 weeks. This dosage will drastically increase the biological sperm tally by up to 74%.

Want to know about another product that can shoot up the sperm count? Then here it is: 

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You must now be wondering, Is ZMA good for females? Let’s find out.

Can Women Take ZMA?

ZMA is not a hormone, and it wouldn’t affect females as steroids do. Hence, women can take ZMA supplements, but the dosage is supposed to be lower than men. Females can take two capsules or spoons of ZMA powder for strength and a perfect physique.

Maintenance of healthy hormones (even though lower amounts of testosterone) in women is also essential. 

Some hormones, such as testosterone levels, are much lower in women than men. But their presence is very much crucial for a healthy metabolism.  

Before using ZMA supplements, you must know their effects and action time. Want to know when to take ZMA?

Take ZMA supplements about 30-60 minutes before sleep for better results. You can also take ZMA supplements 2 hours before meals.  

For ultimate efficacy, you should use it on a desolate paunch. You should avoid the intake of calcium supplements during this time. Because calcium adversely influences zinc absorption. So, sleep schedule dosage is instructed to get adequate outcomes.

How long does it take for ZMA to work?

ZMA takes approximately seven weeks to work for. In 2000, ZMA was given to a group of football players group. They had to play twice a day. And after seven weeks, a significant increment was noticed in their bodies. 

Levels of both growth hormone and testosterone were increased. These steroids are directly linked to muscle development and strengthening.


Does ZMA make you groggy?

Yes, you may feel groggy while on ZMA medication. It is primarily due to not having sufficient snooze. Or sometimes you feel groggy when you wake up from deep sleep.

Do you have to take ZMA on an empty stomach?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use ZMA supplements on an empty stomach is highly recommended. But make sure to avoid any calcium supplements after ZMA intake. The reason is that the calcium will stop ZMA absorption in your body. 

How long after ZMA can I eat?

Avoid taking any other supplements and eating food after Zinc Magnesium Aspartate. It may interrupt the absorption of ZMA into your system. You can take ZMA for two hours or thirty minutes before using any other medication.

Wrapping Up

Hope you understood everything you need to know about ZMA and Alcohol.

ZMA and alcohol may be beneficial as it strengthens your body in low doses. However, taking these two is not advised by apothecaries and researchers.

There are many reasons behind this. Doing this will severely damage your metabolism. But the worst part is it can be fatal and lead to liver and heart failures. 

You should take ZMA supplements alone in the correct dose. If you get an overdose of Zinc Magnesium Aspartate, instantly call for aid.

Do some study about ZMA, its benefits, side effects, and working mechanisms. You should also be aware that alcohol and ZMA are detrimental to your body.

Hope that this article has cleared all your confusion! Have a great day!

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